It was lightly raining when I woke up. Geeze, I was disoriented. I felt confused about time and place. After I sat for a bit, I tested my blood sugar. It was over 200! What the heck? I continued to feel like a zombie for hours.

Last night I coughed a lot and could feel the inside and outside of my hernia ripping. Tonight I have been sweating profusely from a fever. It’s adding up to another infection 😦 Dang it!


Just as the sun was setting last night, I went outside to take pictures. I wanted pics of the blossoming trees before it rained. The leaves are taking over the forsythia blossoms.


It felt great out there at dusk. Olive wanted to know what I was doing. We meowed to each other and I took her picture. I also took pics of the flowering holly, bleeding hearts, a snowball bush and some hyacinths.

This morning was food bank day. I gave back a bottle of grape juice, 2 cans of green beans and the brick of plastic cheese. I kept a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, 2 cans corn, 2 cans tomatoes, 2 cans apricots, 2 cans tuna and 2 small cans of salmon, plus 2 boxes of raisins, a package of pasta and a jar of peanut butter.

After I emptied my food box, I filled it with recycling and went out to the dumpster. It was “snowing” blossoms in a wind storm just before the second wave of rain.


The crab apple tree is still in its prime. Gorgeous blooms and the tree is chock full of bees.


There’s an unsavory guy whose mother lives here. When he is not in jail, he is often in this building. Today he pulled up in front of my wide open window and started freaking out about his car. Like the idiot he is, he undid the radiator cap while the car was still hot. It spewed everywhere. OMG! My throat started swelling shut. It took a couple of hours until I could swallow normally again. I don’t know what other part under the hood was so hot, but it was smoking…transmission? power steering? brakes? Whatever is was, the smoke was acrid. Too many crazy people around here! My lymphs are still swollen tonight.

Seems like all of me is falling apart today. I hurt so bad that I took a 2 hour nap so I could breathe oxygen. I woke up feeling woozy and worse than before, but only half as confused as this morning. All my skin hurts like when you have the flu, but under my skin is lumpy all over and I have this weird painful, deep itch from head to toes. By the time I got up, we had pouring rain. My muscles and joints are all saying ouch.


Lunch was 2 tamales $2.49. half an avocado .25, tomato .29, sour cream .20 and Hatch chile salsa .50 for a total of $3.73.

Supper was toasted Swiss cheese sandwich. Bread (free), butter (free), Swiss .50. Hmmmm…I made 5 bowls worth of lentil soup from carrots (free), ham $5, onion .50, 2 red potatoes .64, lentils (free), boullon .50. That’s $6.64 for the batch, or $1.33/bowl. That makes soup and sandwich cost $1.83.

I got an email from my GP’s nurse saying the doc filled out forms for my new wheelchair. Then an email from Medsource saying they had the papers and the same PT who saw me a few years ago, would be contacting me for a follow up. Hey! We’re getting somewhere.