I certainly have new respect for people who have use of only one arm, for whatever reason! First off, I keep forgetting not to use my arm. I could have hurt it 30 seconds before, but I do it again. Then there are the tasks that really need 2 hands…like scooping kitty litter…opening a bag and puting things in before it closes, or brushing teeth…I jabbed the bristles hard into my gums and made them bleed in multiple places. Then there’s using toilet paper or blowing my nose! What about opening a jar lid while needing to hold the jar? And a biggy for me…how the heck can I get up from my chair without 2 hands?!?!?

Over and over I start to reach for my cup of water or something off the table. A couple of inches movement, and I am screaming. Itches are the worst. They happen quick and the hand flies to scratch. BIG scream because I forgot and tried to use my right hand.

There’s a whole new meaning to weakness. I am confused about what’s causing what. It’s a viscious circle. I strain my arm, I feel sick to my stomach, I am weak all over now, not just my right arm. And my balance is way off I keep falling into the sink, counters, fridge, toilet. It feels like MG, but it also feels like something mechanical is broken….like my cables (tendons and ligaments). The real question is why do I keep getting bursitis and tendonitis in new spots on a regular basis lately? My stock answer is I am falling apart due to lack of IVIg.


I sure am light-headed. Woooooooooooo-zy! And you know what’s really crummy? I was eating scrambled eggs with ham and vegetables…soft food…and one of my top right molars broke 😦 It’s starting to hurt. I have no dental benefits. Every single one of my teeth is fractured multiple times….one of the hazards of Sjogren’s and myoclonic jerks. Whose idea was it to not include dental for po’ folks on Medicaid?


Lunch was raspberries and cream.


Breakfast is the old familiar toasted cheese sandwich and lentil soup. I thought I would eat “backwards” today. Soup first because all I had to do was nuke it. Love my Foreman grill for toasting 🙂

Last night I went to bed around 9 PM. I was a tortured soul and body. I slept 5 or 6 hours and then was awake half the night because I could not breathe and my arm hurt REALLY bad. When I woke up at 2:30 AM, the CPAP mask was on my forehead, not over my nose 😦 I hope I can get some restful sleep tonight. That would be very nice 🙂