I woke up with a wicked sore throat. Then I opened the window all the way and started choking. The air was full of exhaust. When I sat down to the chromebook, one of the first emails was about a bad air day 😦 Today and tommorrow are supposed to be the warmest days so far this year. Combine the bad air with high pollen and my head is splitting. Feels like a giant is squishing my head between his thumb and finger. Every breath is like fighting the weight of a bunch of elephants on my chest. When the PT came to visit, she asked why I was so short of breath. It was at that point I realized how hard I was working to suck in enough air. How appropriate! In today’s news, it says SLC has the 6th worse air in the country.

I love that PT 🙂 Whenever I think about her from last time, I think about her kindness and insight. As usual, I learned a lot from her today. She was here for 2 hours. Turns out my guess was right. I have lost so much muscle mass from my left side that there’s a lot less butt cheek on that side. I have a new appreciation for that part of my anatomy.

The last 2 PTs discovered that I cannot lift my knee/leg if I am sitting in a chair. I can swing it forward or to the side, with pain!, but no lifting. She says my muscles on my left have been wasting away for awhile. That’s also why my legs have become different lengths. Another aha! and duh! moment. Lots of things make more sense now.

Today’s PT built me a very fancy super-duper power wheelchair on the internet. She did last time, too. This was the first time she actually saw what insurance bought me versus what she ordered last time. She made lots of faces :-p The cushion that I hate turns out to be the poorest quality offered. Now that I know I can get a new cushion every year….I will make sure I get one!


The new chair is supposed to be a bit beefier, has tilt, better foot and leg holders, better head rest/holder, better controller, swing away arm, more support for getting up and out of the chair and probably a bunch more features I cannot remember right now. Right now I have an orange chair base. I am actually thinking about picking out the pink one this time! It’s a Quantum Q6 Edge HD.

I napped for a couple of hours this afternoon. I was rudely awoken when one of the vertical blind slats clattered to the floor. It sure was a beautiful day today. I took out garbage and recycling just before the PT came, but that’s the only time I have been out of the apartment. I wish I felt better! I have been feeling depleted of physical and mental strength from all the appointments. I also have not eaten a meal in days. I cannot even bear to eat a banana. I have been living on chocolate milk and water. My guts have been in too rough a shape to eat.

I am looking forward to Thursday….with no obligations!