I lead an exciting life. The highlight of my day was getting a $1 eight inch sub from Jimmy John’s. I have always wondered what they were like. JJ’s is directly across from the TRAX stop for Trader Joe’s. As I wait for the train to show up, I often stare at all the fancy cars in line at Jimmy John’s and wonder what the attraction is. Usually 8″ subs are $4.99. No way in heck would I pay that much for one…but for $1…sign me up! 🙂


Today was Jimmy John’s Customer Appreciation Day. I ordered #6. Their website says…..#6 VEGETARIAN   Layers of provolone cheese separated by real avocado spread, sliced cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. (Truly a gourmet sub not for vegetarians only……….peace dude!) They were right! Despite serving hundreds and hundreds of customers at the location I went to today, once I ordered, it was ready in less than a minute. The poor workers were packed like sardines behind the counter to make that possible. It was by no means as neat as the pic, but it was actually pretty tasty. 

I know I said I wasn’t going to do it again, but like an idiot, I went back to Sprouts. I don’t know about my sanity! I got a cantaloupe for 88 cents, a caulflower that I thought was for 98 cents, but it was .98/lb ($2.25), 5 cluster tomatoes for $1.51, an avocado for .77, a hothouse cucumber .98, 4 Roma tomatoes .62, 4 mushrooms $1.35, 2 yellow mangos .50 each, deli turkey $3.77. That should add up to $13.13. BUT…the cashier voided out my cluster tomatoes and charged me for 2 half pint jars??? Then she voided that. Then she gave me credit for 10 bags at .50. Somehow the screen said I owed $11.12 in food stamps, but took out $12.63. Then the register said she owed me .51. Obviously the manager had to be called. I bought no half pint jars….empty or filled….and I only brought one bag with me. The manager got flustered and told me to just go. Looks like I managed to save 50 cents, but the cauliflower cost me $2.25 instead of .98. Yes, I feel crazy now!!!

Screenshot 2016-04-21 at 5.46.54 PM

I see my cauliflower mistake. Sigh….

When I left home, I was going to go only to Jimmy John’s and Trader Joe’s. Instead I went to JJ’s, Sprouts and then over to Smith’s. Milk is unbelievably cheap. $1.79/gallon. I also got a Tostitito Cheesy Spinach & Artichoke Dipetizer for free with a coupon. It usually costs $3. I wouldn’t be willing to pay more than $0 for it :-p But it’s OK for free 🙂


Nice day in the 80’s with a constant breeze. I got a bit burned by the sun, though. Many tree leaves are fully unfurled now. It’s quite pleasant on sidewalks with plenty of tree cover. Of course I took pics today! 🙂


There’s a house maybe 3 blocks from here that burns wood for heat. They must know people from tree companies. Every once in awhile, there’s a new batch of rounds and a higher pile of split wood.

At first, my guts were very, very unhappy when I ate breakfast tamales today. By late afternoon when I ate my veggie sub, it actually felt good to eat. After those few days of extreme queasiness, I wasn’t so sure food would ever look good again. I am actually hungry for supper right now. Hmmmm…..what to have?


Our weather is about to get nuts again. 80’s on Friday with lots of wind. The weather service says southerly winds 25 to 35 mph with frequent gusts in the 45 to 55 mph range after 10 PM. Then on Saturday, rain with thunderstorms by evening. High 54F. Winds at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 90%. Sounds like a wild ride, huh? At 8 PM, right now, it’s still 78 degrees!