I have been losing eyelashes and eyebrows at a fast clip. Decided to look that up. Hmmmm….it’s called madarosis. Who knows what’s causing it for me? Lupus? Thyroid? Leprosy? Snicker….

Does anything matter? I have been crying a lot lately. So many things about my life have been going down the tubes. I feel pretty darn sick most of the time, my voice rarely works, my hernia just gets huger. Sometimes it seems that more of me is broken than working. I guess I am having a pity party. I am feeling tons of loss. It sucks 😦


It’s ironic that I have some good, fresh food….and feel too queasy to eat most of it. Above is Saturday’s sandwich, below is Sunday’s. It was dumb not to slice the tomato thinner…hard to bite through. I learned for the next one.


Now I have eaten up my deli turkey. So much for ease. I am too tired and sore to cook right now. For those of you who have been pregnant, remember how bad your back hurt as the belly expanded? Well, my hernia is already bigger than most pregnancies. It hurts my back something fierce. I waddle when I walk and when I stand still at the sink or stove, the pain brings tears to my eyes. It’s still better than ingesting SLC Meals on Wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!

I napped for 2 hours this afternoon. A real exciting day, again. I will add pics from days gone by.