My “MG twin” posted this today on FB. I got MG before her, but for years we often had the same symptoms at the same time. She took to calling me her twin.

What’s really bizarre is that I had long and complicated dreams last night and she was in them. I woke up this morning to Olive barfing out a hairball. My heart was pounding and I could still remember the dream I was having about MG and my friend. I admit, I have always been envious of the support she has and the life she leads. When my friend posted this video, I took that as a sign I should watch it.

It would be nice if MG was the only thing going on for me! I feel soooooo sick today 😦 The dizziness, queasiness and whole body quivering is seriously getting to me. Neither one of my arms want to work. It’s a challenge to drink water.