My regular GP had no appointments available, so today I saw a guy who’s a certified nurse practioner. I was thinking he would be scared by someone like me….and that he would not know much. It was just the opposite 🙂 That was fun!

I told him about my arm being so sore and that it started with swollen lymph nodes in my armpits. We went through a bit of my recent past history and then my life. He kept suggesting meds and I kept shooting them down. I explained that most meds just make me worse and the only thigs that make me better are steroids and IVIg. He suggested Cymbalta, Neurontin, Lyrica, methotrexate, lidocaine gel, tramadol, various opioids, etc. He decided I need IVIg. Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha. I had to explain Utah, me and IVIg refusal. He wanted to know if the GP had gone to bat for me to get infusions. Yup….wrote me a prescription for IVIg and tried to fight insurance. He said he valued his income and job, so he was going to hold himself back from doing bad things to the powers that be. Snicker….

I never told him what meds I had in mind. It was all his idea. He prescribed a Medrol dose pack and Plaquenil. I now have a great deal of respect for the guy. We spent an hour together. I messed up his 15 minutes for an appointment schedule. Seems I do that at most doc offices. Sorry.

The CNP traced the path of some nerve on his arm. I told him that was exactly how the pain in my arm is. He thinks lymphs are pushing on the nerve. He found the exact spot between pit and elbow on the inside of my arm where there was a swollen blob under the skin. He touched lots of places, but when he got to there, I screamed and flinched and jumped. Sorry. He did not get personal with my pit. In there are a bunch of lumps.

A woman came in to draw blood. Amazingly she got me on the first try and I felt absolutely nothing. I have to wait for the results of the blood test before starting my new meds. The theories are flare up of my autoimmune diseases, an infection or lymphoma. He confirmed my stupid angioedema everywhere. I was surprised how much he knows about angioedema!

The guy was a good sport. I was happy and cheerful most of the time. When he found the sore spot and when I moved my arm later on, tears burst out of my eyes. It was a very fine line between my cheerful veneer and the wicked, wicked bad pain. He got that. He must have asked me half a dozen times if I was sure I did not want narcotic pain meds.

Since I have been home, the left side of my neck and up my head has become painfully swollen. There are painfully swollen lymph nodes all over me. He says they hurt because they get so big and push on other things. Ack! Just make it stop!!!! I am looking forward to getting back on medrol and plaquenil. If I cannot get IVIg, I desperately need something.


Geeze! Now it’s after 5 PM and the right side of my face has drained. Now it’s thinner than the left. Nice lopsided look! Put your hand or a piece of paper over one side…then the other. Two different people, one head. Also, my armpit has been draining. I think all that poking at lymph nodes got the ol’ lymph flowing again. You know what’s really creepy? My right pit is exuding some kind of odorless, sticky substance….nothing on the left. I feel a bit feverish. My head hurts pretty bad. Finding all this interesting is absolutely a coping mechanism. It’s better than non-stop crying!


I’d say one meal is enough for today. This was brunch. Eggs (free), sausage (free), onion.50, zucchini .50, mushroom .34, tomato .30, Mexican cheese $1, 2 hash browns .38, Sriracha bbq sauce .37. That costs $3.39.

Yuck. I don’t feel well. Can’t think any more, either…..