Here’s an article about how much it costs a single person to live in a city. Poor and disabled folks like me need to live in a city for public transportation, sidewalks for my power wheelchair, access to groceries, nearness to hospitals and docs, etc.

Here’s a graphic about food costs in Salt Lake County.


Sooo…let’s assume it costs $2.84/meal to eat OK, but not fancy. That’s $264.12 for a month. I get $91 SNAP, so I need to come up up with $173.12 in actual cash to eat. Just rent and food would add up to  $723.12, leaving me $9.88 for everything else for the month. Not possible. The SNAP benefits formula assumes other money is available. Ummmmm…from where???

I am going through my notes and trying to come up with a totally realistic budget. How much does it really cost to buy what I most need and want? There is absolutely no way I can pay for necessities on $733/month. It’s just not happening.

Rent $550/month. 75% of income

Medical co-pays and over the counter items @$60…prescriptions, doctor visits, generic Miralax, probiotics, generic Zyrtec, stool softeners, vitamin D. 8% of income

Internet @$50…that’s scary right now. This is the last month before service doubles in cost and no one seems to know how much the lowest Google rate will be or when it will become available. With no internet I would not have much of a connection to the world. 7% of income

Supplies @$30…toilet paper, kleenex, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, cinnamon toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap, lotion, tea tree antiseptic, etc. 4% of income

Cat @$20…litter, dry and canned food, cat treats, toys, shots, vet. I feel better after reading this article. Everything I list as an expense makes me feel soooo guilty! 3% of income

Laundry @$20…soaps, dryer sheets, spot remover, machines 3% of income

Personal…haircuts, whatever else I might need…(only $3 left of $733)

What I have no money for…..many things people take for granted… dental care, over the counter meds that docs tell me to take, clothes, shoes, replacing things that break or wear out, restaurants, movies, Netflix, cable TV, make-up, hair coloring, a vehicle, gifts for other people, postage, going to an event, buying myself a present, anything frivolous, occasional treats, decent furniture, savings, going on trips, anything!

Food….with what money??? I already spent more than $733. Sigh….

Tithing….there is no money left for that.


Approximate minimum cost for things, in dollars. My reality is depressing 😦