It’s not good to be able to see the air šŸ˜¦ Got an alert saying it’s going to be a bad air day…high in ozone and other pollutants. Yuck! The smell of exhaust is nasty….and so is my splitting headache!

I woke up feeling refreshed, in little pain and feeling human! It has been very, very nice to sleep at night. No sitting up because of extreme pain or trouble breathing šŸ™‚ The only PITA is that I get up every 2 hours like clockwork. Full bladder. Each time I wake up, I am soaked in sweat. The good part of that is….built up edema is sytematically leaving. I am thinner each day. I like that part šŸ™‚


By mid morning, I was hungry and made breakfast of eggs, onion, sausage, mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potato, half an avocado with Sriracha bbq sauce. This is a pic of the same breakfast yesterday, but also with some red, green and yellow frozen peppers added. I forgot to take a pic today. I forgot I had peppers in the freezer today :-p

Once I finished eating, I spent a long time coughing up crud from my lungs. The pain in my head was piercing. I was sorely disappointed that even with steroids, I was feeling so awful. DUH! I had already forgotten it’s a bad air day. I remembered what was up when I opened the bedroom window and Olive and I hung out on the windowsill with our noses touching. The smell of exhaust was nauseating. Really….how can I forget stuff so fast?


I could not stand the thought of what was under my other dresser another minute! I moved it to find more cat toys and lots more cat hair. Then I moved the bed all the way to one side, then to the other side to clean under it. I decided since I can only sleep on one side of the bed, I would push the bad side against the wall. I also switched the bed end for end. Now I have a footboard rather than a headboard. I put the 2 green dressers together and switched the wicker drawers to near my head, so I have somewhere to put the CPAP. It will be interesting to see how this configuration works out. I think I really need to throw out the wicker drawers. They are pretty much toast.

wall shared with living room

In the funky little corner I have 3 IV poles from past home infusions. They make a good place to hang up clothes.

I have not been using one of my green sets of drawers because it has holes for 3 drawers, but only 2 drawers. I am now thinking maybe I could find two plastic trays that will slide into that space. Then I could have underwear in those and could toss the wicker. I could not use those green drawers because things plugged into the only electric socket blocked them from opening. I did not want to set up my bedroom the way it was with bed in the middle and a dresser on each side. The senior missionaries and Heather moved me into this apartment. Until right now, I had neither the motivation or strength to change anything. I am very surprised that none of this has hurt my hernia…..yet.

bed and dresser

Hmmmm….I could always empty the fully working green drawers, use them for clothes and find new homes for what had to be moved out of the drawers. DUH!!!

open space for wheelchair

Now there’s more room for getting the walker and wheelchair next to the bed, with room to turn them around.

OK, I did it! šŸ™‚ I cleaned out the top drawer of the best unit….put in undies and nylon nightgowns. Cleaned out the wicker drawers and put stuff in the unused drawers. Much better! šŸ™‚ I have the wicker ones by the door. Next is to somehow get the wicker to the dumpster. I am soaked in sweat, so the first thing I need to do is sit in front of the fan until dry. Feels good to sweat because I am working! Before I got real sick in Vermont, I could do a lot of shoveling manure or tilling dirt on a good day. I used to be stronger than most women and a lot of men. Stupid autoimmune diseases!

command center

My beat up, formerly comfy chair…with holes in the arms.

I still have to clean the dreaded bathroom šŸ˜¦ It looks OK at first glance, but no matter how many times I sweep and mop the whole apartment, there is always more cat litter and cat hair to be found. The stuff gets around. Olive’s litter box is under the bathroom sink. I wipe down the sinks multiple times a day and keep the kitchen clean…so not much to do there.

living room TV corner

Olive acted like she wanted to sit in a chair, so I dragged it back over. I have not seen her sit on it yet.

Well….I got the wicker out. First I took the 3 drawers to the dumpster, then came back for the rest of it. While coming back from the dumpster, I stopped to talk to people who had just come back from DI. I decided to go over there. Meh. Nothing interesting. I suppose I could get a couple of padded kitchen chairs for guest seating. The most promising ones were $8-$10. Not today, though!


Olive’s preferred bed is in a suitcase with her zebra blanket.

It’s hot outside! Over 80 degrees. Coming back on the sidewalk, I went through the sprinklers on purpose. About 25 feet further and I was already dry! It’s a breezy afternoon. I was thinking that I have done more in the last 5 days than the last 5 weeks. And I felt good about being alive! I was not in a painful stupor just barely tolerating moving from place to place. I was enjoying myself! šŸ™‚

I have not felt this well since my last IVIg. I truly had forgotten what NOT being in pain was like. I am not sure which part is better…strength, or not being queasy. Love it!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚