I hate thoroughly cleaning the bathroom! I don’t mind the daily keeping up, but I HATE the deep cleaning! That means moving the 4 people rugs and the one cat rug, moving the cat litter, sweeping, mopping, then the fiddly cleaning.

All day I mostly slid things across the floor, I did not do much lifting….until the #$%^&*!! cat litter box. I had to pick it up. No choice. Well…..rip…….then the inevitable female bleeding. Dang it! Lots of pain and cramping. The lower right part of my hernia is screaming 😦 So much for pain free nights.

I sat in front of the fan for half an hour and then went around gathering trash for the second time in one day. Saw myself in the bathroom mirror, which got me laughing, which made the hernia hurt more. From having soaking wet hair and then sitting in front of the fan, I had poofed up hair…kind of like an Afro. I looked ridiculous :-p I somewhat flattened it and took out garbage and recycling…hoping no one would be out and about. It was just about midnight.

Another night of peeing every 2 hours. I woke up worn out. I really want to close the windows, put on the A/C and crawl back in bed…but the maintenance man and manager are supposed to show up at some undetermined time today. I already got tired of wearing clothes and put my nightgown on. I HATE waiting for people! It stresses me out. I feel uncomfortable using the bathroom, cooking, just about anything.Sigh….

My mind is not in a good place today. Maybe I am getting steroid brain? Time for the permanent PMS? I keep crying, I feel annoyed with the world, my head and chest are painful…just grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! The pleasantness was nice while it lasted. I also got a very, very clean apartment thanks to the strength imparted to me through the magic of pharmaceuticals.

Earlier, I was out in the main entrance area, a new guy is moving in today, a woman came to apply to live here. The manager said he has been here since 5 AM. Some unmentionable bad thing went on here that needed his attention. The illegal people and actions are a constant, daily mess. I just found out last night that a husband/wife and my old laundry lady got into a fight. The cops were called on the laundry lady. Seems like almost everybody is into drugs and alcohol. Public housing really does suck 😦

I just happened to be sitting by the front door at 11 AM when the grocery bus pulled up. Several people got up from their wheelchairs and walked to the bus. I went out and asked the guy if they ever took people in wheelchairs. The dang bus has a wheelchair lift, but they don’t use it! He said that area of the bus is full of boxes for groceries. The bus is run by the same SLC aging organization that delivers Meals on Wheels. Of course it’s a screwed up system!!!

Ozone is supposed to be bad again today….plus, we have a wind advisory. I cleaned the countertop by the window, so of course this is true….Wind advisory for today and tomorrow. A possibility of blowing dust along the Wasatch Front. Try to avoid outdoor activity if blowing dust is observed. People with existing heart or respiratory ailments should take proper precautions.

I gave in and cooked around noon. Still no inspection crew. More than ever, I just want to crawl in bed. More often than not this week, I have had to be ready for people to barge in at any moment. Don’t like that 😦 I just want to be free to do whatever in my own space. I suppose I need to get over to the doc’s office. The pharmacist had to order Medrol and I forgot to go get it yesterday. I have been taking Medrol from my coveted emergency stash Medrol dose pack. Maybe getting naked to change back into clothes will cause people to show up? Snicker……

Another big DUH! As soon as I got into the doc’s office, I felt exponentially better. It was the A/C. It’s just too hot today for my myasthenia gravis. It’s not enough to pour water over me and sit in front of the fan. I am overheated…and therefore weak. Hopefully it will cool down in here soon.

I napped for 2 hours. Woke up to wind and dust outside. I was grateful to have the windows closed and the A/C on. If anyone came to my apartment, I slept through it. The A/C went full blast for more than 3 hours and turned off. Even though it’s cool in here, I am burning up. I still have a fan pointed at me. Then I had another DUH moment. Every other time my hernia has ripped and caused bleeding, I then got a fever. I have a stupid fever right now….and I feel awful 😦 No wonder I have been feeling off today. DUH!

Both when I woke up after my nap, then again after 5, I found presents outside my door! 🙂 I got probiotics, vitamin D, cat treats, flax oil and kleenexes. Thank you 🙂 It seems most times when I don’t know how I am going to get needed stuff, someone goes and looks at my Amazon wish list and the needed items appear. When people give selflessly, there has got to be a special place in heaven for them. Thank you. Thank you!

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