For several hours Friday night, my chromebook did not work. At first if the cursor went over something, those words would flash. Then parts of pages would “stick to the cursor”…just like a jumping cholla seems to jump out and stick. If I tried to unstick whatever link or words were attached, the cursor completely disappeared.

I tried all sorts of things and the problem only got worse. I went out to the computer room and got online to try to find solutions. Was it the automatic update Thursday? Was the touchpad busted? Was my chromebook possessed? Did it have some sort of infection?

I learned how to do a hard restart, how to do a powerwash, how to play taps on the touchpad. I tried everything….but without a mouse/touchpad or a cursor, nothing would work. I turned the computer off and on a couple dozen times….always trying new strategies. Finally I just turned it off and left the chromebook alone. Maybe an hour later, I tried again and it worked!

I have no idea what that was all about. It made me remember once again, that my whole life seems to depend on the internet. I cannot go very long without wanting to research random questions. I have a hard time reading books, but can more easily read the backlit words on the chromebook. Not very well right now though…I just put in eyedrops.

So, Saturday morning and the chromebook still works. Yippee! I was about having a panic attack…wondering how I could afford something else to get online with. Hopefully that need will be a lot longer down the road.

The fever/budding infection going on in me has me debilitated today. Tremors are awful, my body is flunking temperature regulation 101, my belly wound is leaking nasty yellow stuff, my eyes are drooped, it’s painful to try to smile, the insides of my lungs are on fire, the buzzing/quivering/vibrating/zapping is back, I am queasy, etc. I hate it when the bad stuff catches up with the good stuff. Sigh…..

I hope today’s Medrol hits pretty soon! I feel too weak to move. Maybe this is to remind me what life was like before steroids? Whoa….I feel like a dump truck unloaded a ton of bricks on top of me. Squished! Doesn’t help that it’s a depressingly dark and damp day. Blah.

Let me put this as mildly as possible. I HATE living with people who are drunks and druggies!!! I took a 2 hour nap and woke up feeling confused. In less than a minute, the piercing all-building fire alarm with strobe went off. I tried to find Olive, but she was well hidden. I grabbed my laptop and ID, got dressed darn quick and was out the door with my nylon coat on and an umbrella in my hand. Got to the emergency door and that damn barrel was in the way as always. A bunch of people were also blocking the door because they did not want to go out in the rain. I tried to move the barrel full of beer and soda cans and instead knocked it over. Nobody could open the emergency door. Finally a woman tried the broken bar and got it to open. The emergency exit bar on the door appears to be newly broken.

We are all supposed to meet under the tree by the sidewalk. There’s a fire hydrant there. A really obnoxious guy gets his car from the parking lot….and parks it in front of the hydrant about a minute before the fire truck gets there!!!!!!!!! I told him he was going to get a ticket, but he ignored me.

After the firemen cleared the building, a whole bunch more cops and firemen showed up. The firefighters marched upstairs with giant squeegees. I have no idea which total idiot lives in #321, but he apparently was high on substances and decided to fool with the fire suppression system. He flooded his apartment and by the time I came back to my apartment, apartments on the second and first floors that are underneath him, were already flooding. I am extremely grateful my apartment was not underneath his! It was the other wing of the building.

Of course I have no renter’s insurance. If I can’t afford basic food on a regular basis, I sure can’t afford insurance 😦  It’s beyond frustrating to live in a place full of idiots. You can tell I am on steroids. I want to beat the crap out of people. Instead, I sit in my wheelchair and rant. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! My guts are tied in knots.

It does not precipitate that often here in the Utah desert…but of course it’s usually bad weather when the fire alarm goes off. An hour and a half later, and the first fire truck is finally leaving. The other truck was here a couple of hours. There are cops in the parking lot, talking outside my window. Now that I am calmer, I feel real bad for the innocent people who also got flooded 😦

My heart is still pounding and Olive is still hiding. I hope there’s no more excitement today.