This weekend, birds on the great Salt Lake were doing what birds do. A hail storm came along and killed a bunch of them 😮


This morning was a beautiful day 🙂 I went for a ride on TRAX….to check out the derailment. The building to the right in the article’s pic is where Best Buy is. Thank goodness the train ended up between tracks instead of going into the building.

I did not buy anything while out….but was tempted. I went in both Sam’s Club and Costco to see what the difference is. Costco wins by miles. Sam’s is dingy and dirty and subdued and almost empty. Costco was packed….and bright and way more exciting looking. No contest. I also went in the dollar store and Petco. Thumbs down for them, too. Stinky, dirty, empty. I went in Best Buy to gaze at flat screen TV’s, tablets and laptops. Very strange store. How do they stay in business? I never want to make that trek by wheelchair, ever again! One sidewalk abruptly has a telephone pole and fire hydrant blocking wheelchairs. Most of the sidewalks had no curb cuts and at least half of the trip had no sidewalks at all.

By the time I came out of Costco, there were very black clouds over the Wasatch Mountains. I decided to come home. Lots of confused and messed up folks thanks to the green TRAX line being derailed. People had to take a bus instead of the train…and there were no signs or directions. Just the stupid moving word sign that gave no info and was darned hard to read. FAIL! I could not help all the confused people, because I was one of them.

I sat outside my apartment building for awhile before coming in. It was nice out 🙂 A former tenant, who is a drug dealer, showed up to see my ex laundry lady. Just great. It was interesting to hear all the various versions of what happened this weekend. It’s a new guy who was on too many substances that flooded the place. He stuck a coat hanger into a ceiling sprinkler head and pulled the whole thing out of the ceiling. They say he got flooded with a thousand gallons of water (really???). That water soaked into apartments on both sides of him and the 2 floors below. All kinds of repair people have showed up.

Apparently fire retardant carpets cannot get soaked or they stop being fire retardant. The carpets need replacing and lots of people’s stuff got wrecked. And I thought the woozy woman hitting the fence was a nightmare! This is stacking up to be a real expensive mess. The manager needs to use better discernment when he rents out apartments. Some people are far too crazy and too impaired to live independently!


When I came in my apartment, it was a gorgeous day with blue sky and puffy white clouds. All of the sudden, it got as dark as night…and started raining. Soon it was coming down in sheets and we were encased in rumbly thunder. Then the hail started. It hit the bedroom window hardest. Seriously sounded like it was going to break the glass.


The hail piled up pretty darn quick….and the temperature dropped. Soon the sun was bright again, then there were more ominous clouds. The parking lot was almost dry already!


Tonight’s TV news says we got a half to an inch of hail, along with heavy rain and the whole storm only took 18 minutes! It was intense. I quick did a screenshot of local and regional radar just as it went over.

I feel bad for the states east of us. You’re next. Low 40 tonight…but freeze warnings nearby. High 50’s on Tuesday, mid 60’s Wednesday. high 70’s Thursday and mid 80’s Friday! We get to try out every sort of weather. It has been snowing in the mountains. There was a swift water rescue up Little Cottonwood Canyon, near Snowbird ski area, today. Wild weather.

New, tender tree leaves got shredded by the hail. Leaves blew every which way. The trees with red leaves that I can see from my chair are now more open and airy. That can’t be too good for the poor trees. I don’t remember wind storm after wind storm like this in other years. On a mountain near here, they got over 3″ of water…most of that at 12″ of snow per inch of water. Here’s hoping all the reservoirs get filled up this year. The nearby low mountains look lush and green.

I am sincerely wanting my West Nile Virus anxiety to be gone! I am definitely better. For a couple of years, any little frustration or hurt had me bursting into tears. I felt like crying several times while out and about….but I didn’t. I still get my usual overwhelmed when I go into Walmart, Costco and Sam’s Club, but it’s more of an annoyance than hindrance.

I can identify with this kid!

So….not everybody feels like that? Huh. Going to a big box store brings it back for me. I have to be in just the right mindset in order to go amongst crowds of people. Even if I want to be somewhere, the noise, movement, flashes of light and color, smells and unexpected bits of any of those makes me want to go far, far away and hide.

As a kid I would challenge myself to spend longer and longer amounts of time in places like the mall or at the state fair. Big box stores can quickly overwhelm me. I want to go sometimes, but then I feel like too much is happening.

When I go through the doors at a big place, I am instantly dizzy and disoriented. I force myself to go slow and look around. I lasted less than 5 minutes at each of the places I went today….but I went out and about! WNV made me regress. I overcame a lot as a kid…then the darn mosquito made me go through it all again. I would like to think that my West Nile Virus brain is calming down now. Please!

Steroids are a mixed blessing. Sometimes I feel calmer, sometimes more anxious. Sometimes I feel ‘roid rage. Plaquenil is supposed to take months to kick in. I am thinking the combo of steroids and Plaquenil is already working. All that time in the sun today…and I don’t feel lupus-y. Very unusual! And last night I did not have night sweats!

Beautiful sunset tonight! 🙂