Horse chestnut trees are in bloom

It has been an interesting day. I need to learn to calmly endure mornings, with the faith that by afternoon, I will feel OK….or at least better than in the morning ๐Ÿ˜›

I stuck my head out into the hallway and saw that today was food bank day. I gave back the usual stuff and kept the usual. Soooooooo tired of the same old canned foods. Then I tried to figure out how I might see the unwanted food as a blessing. I decided I should make smoothies again. It has been a long time. The small blender given to me by a blog reader, blended itself to death months ago. I put in cut up frozen fruit, but the blades could not deal with it and they broke right through the bottom of the blender ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


I went to Deseret Industries to try to find another blender. They rarely have any…and today was no different. As I got to the end of that aisle, I had to stop. There’s a work station there where people can plug in appliances to make sure they work. A guy had plugged in a radio, had his fists jammed into his eyes and was dancing very fluidly to the music. It was beautiful, sad, touching, bewildering and so many other things. The guy was obviously homeless and acted like he probably had mental health issues, but there was just something about how he had transported himself to another place and time…


As I sat there with all those emotions and thoughts running through my mind, a DI employee comes around the corner holding a bright red blender as if he was about to present it to royalty. I smiled and said I had come to the store to buy a blender. He presented it to me ๐Ÿ™‚ How cool is that? I left happy.


At 2 PM, there was a wheelchair workshop by the guy who’s getting me my new power chair. He took out my file and said they gave all the paperwork to my insurance on April 28th. He says it usually takes 30 days for approval, so I am half way there. Yes!

Then I went outside and started talking to people. One new woman told me about how she had to call the cops on another tenant. Geeze! Until I started socializing again, I had no idea how often people call the cops on each other here! I always figured it was the management calling the police. The old tenant had knee replacement surgery. She asked the new woman if she would bring her some supper. Well, that turned into the woman demanding more food, more help, having her meds picked up, cleaning her apartment, etc, etc… Then after a week, the con woman came to her house to beg for drugs. They told her no. She asked to use the bathroom. Earrings on the sink came up missing.


Then the con woman texted the new woman to tell her she had her earrings and would give them back in exchange for pain meds. That’s when the cops were called. The cop went to the con’s place and told her to give him anything she had stolen. She handed him some towels, the earrings and a blouse with the tags still on it. The new woman had not yet realized all that was stolen! I had just been talking to the woman with the knee replacement the day before. I always had a spidey sense that she was creepy, but I had no idea. She has been playing a couple of guys here, so I knew she was shady. Dang.

Then my “shrink” came over for our regularly scheduled every other week appointment. I really enjoy his visits. He helps mark out time for me. I can better see how my life has had highs and lows, but I just keep on chugging along. It’s fun to talk politics and religion with him ๐Ÿ™‚


I then decided I needed chocolate syrup. I was going to go to Smith’s, but had just missed the red line TRAX….so I took the green line to Rancho Market, instead. Oh, my gosh! We were packed together like never before. At that point of me thinking that, the driver got on the intercom and apologized for us all being packed together like sardines. He said there had been an accident an hour and a half before, so there weren’t enough cars available. I think he mispoke and meant day, not hour. I need to pay better attention to the news. The derailment was a day and a half ago at that point.


On the way home, I got off TRAX at Temple Square. I wanted to see the flowers and think through some things that were bothering me. I got stopped by one set of sister missionaries who brought up one of my issues, then by a different set of missionaries who perfectly addressed my other ruminations. Just what I needed. I wheeled it home from there.


Got home in time to watch Survivor. Just as it was over, 2 huge fire trucks and an ambulance came here. They did not stay long. As one of the fire trucks was backing out, the cops came in. The one in front of my window has been hereย for hours. I wonder what disaster has happened this time?

Speaking of disasters…all three floors have hallways and apartments with gigantic industrial fans going 24/7 to try to dry them out. My poor friend, Gordon! I saw him today and he is way swollen up, his skin is the wrong color and his eyes look funny. This is the 5th day of the fans in his apartment, and he cannot sleep. Pretty bad when a guy on the 3rd floor floods out a guy on the 1st floor. Gordon said water came through the light fixtures, walls and in every crack. What a PITA!


Isn’t it absolutely amazing how much I can do in a day now that I feel better? I am still happily in shock ๐Ÿ™‚ And shocking how much crime goes on here! I haven’t mentioned a tenth of it on my blog. I don’t want to wake up with a bloody horse head on my pillow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And with that…have a good night!

good night