Geeze! I was not expecting that. Today I went to a podiatrist about the bump on the bottom of my foot that just keeps hurting more and more. I told him I have mixed connective tissue disease, but the bump seemed to happen after West Nile Virus. It has gotten way more painful this year.

My GP thought it was a granuloma. The podiatrist says he’s pretty sure it’s fibromatosis. He asked if I get lumps in my palms. I looked startled and said yes. He felt it….and now that one hurts more. He says it goes along with connective tissue diseases. Apparently I am growing bumps on/near my tendons. I have always had tendon problems. And a weird thing is that this can be related to things going on with my hernia and gut problems.

I have to have an ultrasound of my foot for a firm diagnosis. If that’s not enough, I will need an MRI. Ummmmm……dang! I went to the doc today thinking this was going to be something simple.

It seems like lately, more and more strange things are being discovered and named that have plagued me my whole life. It would be nice if some of the pains could be relieved. I am already getting a moon face from steroids 😦 I want my IVIg! Just 2 days ago, I asked a guy if he had Dupuytren’s Contracture. I only knew that name because it has been brought up in my past. Imagine my utter astonsihment when today I find out I might have Dupuytren’s Contracture Disease & Ledderhose Disease (Plantar Fibroma). It sure explains years worh of problems and much of my recent hand, arm and foot pain. I watched a YouTube video and the guy has the same lumps and dents as me….but my hand lumps are on the right, and the dents on the left….his the opposite. I watched a few more of his videos and he has the same hand and foot problems that I do. Dang it for both of us!!!

I am tired. I got up early to shower and get ready. Then I went out half an hour early so I could mingle. The woman who was so frantic to get the now-dead guy out of her apartment is very sad and shaken up. He was on her couch. She thought he was asleep and tried to wake him up. She didn’t realize he was dead until she asked the guy’s relative to come wake him. This morning she told the same story over and over again. She is in shock. I’m sure she feels bad now that she was so upset with him last night. The funeral for the dead guy’s brother is today. I’m thinking I was better off before I started mingling. This place is toxic. Sooooooooo much I am not going to talk about. Crime tentacles run deep in the whole thing. I heard a lot of cringe-worthy gossip today 😮

After I got out of the doc’s office, I decided to go north on State Street for awhile. I wanted to see what life was like in Midvale. All together I went from 7800 State St to 6400 in my chair….which is just about 2 miles. That was enough! Interesting, but scary. There were some very sketchy pedestrian crossings and I had to go over interstates twice. It was good to get back on TRAX. I remember now why I loathe the blue line, though. The red and green lines have automatic ramps. The blue line requires riding in the front car. Instead of waiting on the platform with everyone else, chairs have to go up a very high ramp and it needs the driver to put down and raise up a little ramp bridge between the wheelchair waiting spot and the TRAX train. I’d rather be independent. BUT…the wheelchair company guy says that wheelchairs that use the TRAX ramps I like, often end up with bent axles. They could avoid that by letting me take paratransit! 🙂 Once the temperature goes over 80 again, I can take paratransit to appointments.

I finally did it. I pushed myself too hard. I feel toasted from the sun and kinda beat up. I just poured water all over me and plopped in front of the fan. My head hurts. I am good and dehydrated. I drank some chocolate milk, but it only made me feel worse. I’m finding it difficult to drink much water. I should probably just go to bed and breathe oxygen.