I should have taken some pictures. Truth is…I hate being in the community room and could only think of fleeing 😛  Today there was a party for my favorite old guy…Buster. He is 90…and he has lived here 10 years. I don’t particularly like cake. I should not have eaten it. I just wanted to be with Buster. The water was good 🙂

It’s hard to breathe in that room. The woman next to me was struggling, too. When she left to go back to her oxygen, that was my cue to flee. It’s hard to breathe in this building. My collar bones and neck cords hurt from the effort. Came home to find this: Myasthenia gravis is an incurable neuromuscular disease which “impacts a person’s ability to see, smile, walk, talk, and breathe,” said Tara DiMilia, spokesperson for the Myasthenia gravis Foundation of America. I feel like the poster child today.

My apartment is an oasis with the salt lamps, fans and open window. While I was gone, I closed the window and put on A/C so no one could crawl through my window. Made it even better when I could open the window again 🙂 It’s 89.6 degrees outside right now. I love my north facing window! It’s the best direction when you live in the desert. Nice and cool.

Screenshot 2016-05-14 at 2.24.11 PM

As usual, the weather forecast here is whacky. Temps will drop a lot for Sunday. I am looking forward to some cooler days. My energy is zapped from sun and heat. All I did was zoom around the block. Just sightseeing. It seems it only takes a small thing to tip my balance to feeling yucky. I feel like crap 😦


Here’s an old pic when I still had the couch. The lumps in my hand were hurting and I thought it was just arthritis.

I spent most of today trying to read more about palmar and plantar fibromatosis. I like those names better than Duptruyen’s and Ledderhose’s diseases…Also called LD and DD. The initials are certainly the easiest. I took lots of pics of my hands and foot.


This is my hand today. Thanks to steroids, much of the edema is gone and my hand is straighter. The darn lumps are still there under the skin, though.


The left hand had some lumps that mostly disappeared. In their place are divots and lines where it’s starting to pucker up. This is the next stage.


My left foot looks different from every angle. From the angle my eyes see it, the lump looks like a squiggle.


I think I forgot to mention it. The podiatrist used a scalpel and pared down some of the thick skin over the fibromatosis.

Now I wish I knew the name of what was wrong with my mother’s feet. Was it this? Fibromatosis runs in families….and especially so in families with UK ancestors like that side of my family. The stage I am in is painful and moderately annoying. It’s what can happen next that is really gross! I made the mistake of watching a doctor’s treatment video of various surgeries while eating lunch. Even if I had not been eating, I still would have had the urge to barf.


I’m thinking I have enough diseases for a small town. Tired of this stuff!!! This YouTube video is nice and plain, simple and concise. Not gross. I am never looking at the operation one again!

I have an ultrasound scheduled in a couple of weeks. Geeze! It had better not be the kind of bump with sarcoma.