Out of curiosity, I got a quote for hiring a cube or 5 feet in a truck to move my possessions from SLC, UT to Burlington, VT. About $2000 for either option. What I own isn’t even worth $2000. And….if I had $2000, I would be way better off spending it on a wheelchair lift van. Well….at least I know now.

This is getting old. Another day of feeling like crap. I vaguely remember this stage of steroids from before. They make me feel like superwoman for a few days because just about anything is better than how I was. But now my body has adjusted to having steroids on board and it no longer feels miraculous. Sigh….


I had to nap two and a half hours this afternoon. My breathing was labored….even with the CPAP and 5 liters of oxygen. After the rain yesterday, I noticed a yellow ring around each mud puddle. That usually means pine pollen. The news says we have the most pollen from mulberry and oak. Not helping…as usual. And the bumps on my hand show no sign of leaving. Allergies to everything seem to beget even more allergies. I am wiped out.


I was encouraged when I woke up with pale toes. By afternoon, they were back to red and on fire. I never went out of my apartment today. I wonder what people would think if they saw my bright red toes and palms of my hands? It always startles me! It’s the itching and burning that I really hate.




Erythromelalgia is a weird thing to have…..but I specialize in weird.


This collage is from past pictures. My ears feel hot and prickly, but I haven’t noticed any red this time.

Except for feeling yucky both mentally and physically, I remember very little about today. What the heck did I do besides nap? Maybe I don’t remember for a good reason? It’s not good to be with-it while miserable. Pain makes me very, very queasy.


Each time new stuff happens or old stuff gets worse, I have to go through the stages all over again. Tired…just tired…