Well…that was interesting. I reported on my palmar and plantar fibromatosis. I asked the CNP to tell the GP about it when he gets back from visiting the Goshute reservation. I looked like hell today and there was no hiding it from anyone. Everybody brought it up first. My eyes were way drooped down and my oxygen saturation was 91. The BP taker asked if I was on oxygen at home. I could not smile and my face looked melted. The CNP looked in my ears and said my right drum was dull. I told him thanks. Snicker…

I explained that my left ear was “stuck”, my lymphs swollen, my breathing weak, etc. I even had him feel the allergic bumps on my hand. I told him my breathing tanked when I had the allergic reaction to the CeraVe from the podiatrist. When I showed him a sample tube, he burst out laughing. He says I really am allergic to everything. He already gets my personality and knew I would find that ironically funny. Sigh…

He asked me if I was on any inhalers. I said yup, albuterol. He said he was about to prescribe it for me. I said good….because my last one had expired. He asked if I take Zyrtec. I said yes, but I was going to run out this week. He said he could prescribe it! I love the little pharmacy they have. When I get my meds there, I don’t owe a co-pay. Perhaps I should switch all my meds to them? I will ask next month. They could probably make a decent amount of money off my prescriptions. Because the clinic is owned by the Goshute tribe, there are different rules for Indian health care clinics. I can get some of my over the counter stuff like Zyrtec for free! I did not know that before. I have got to have a serious discussion with them about everything I need. Maybe I can get a few more things there?

So….the CNP decided I need more steroids. I didn’t even need to tell him or beg 😛 It’s as if this guy knows me better than I do! I don’t know as I have ever had such an empathetic and intuitive doc before. I want to know how he got so smart. I just took my extra Medrol. 24 mg of Medrol is equivalent to 30 mg of prednisone. He said he is willing to go a lot higher if I need it. He mentioned up to 200 mg 😮

I told the CNP about my erythromelalgia getting worse. He never heard of it. I bet he looks it up, though 🙂 He was appropriately intrigued and grossed out.  I said it mystifies me that despite steroids, my allergies, asthma, erythromelalgia, MCTD and MG are all flaring up. He was mystified, too. He chalked it up to me being me. Ummmmm…..great.

I feel soooooooooo wiped out by the internal war that is waging. I stripped my bed this morning. I hope I have enough energy to put the new bedding back on before I am ready to crash again. Soooooooooo exhausted……

I just did a very bad thing 😦 I have not been hungry lately. Well…I suddenly got ravenously hungry out of the blue. This is embarrassing. I nuked 2 franks and was still starving. Then I nuked a hamburger, onions and mushrooms I had already prepared that were in the fridge. Then I felt like I was going to die if I didn’t eat something sweet. I made a pear dump cake. About half an hour later, I could feel the bloat. Plaquenil causes lots of gas….and then I filled my stomach with all that food….which was like 2 or more days worth compared to how much I have eaten lately. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….self inflicted pain…… It was as if another force made me do it, and then I woke up. That was weird!

While cooking, I realized I forgot to ask for more Plaquenil at the doc’s office. Oooops. And then I realized that 2 weeks ago, the CNP said he was going to do more blood tests today. Neither one of us remembered. Then I wondered how much he is allowed to do when the GP is out of the office? Utah is a limited practice state for nurse practioners. The clinic seemed empty today. I will get around to asking my questions…one of these days. I have an appointment in a month and he said to come back in sooner if things change.

The pharmacy delivery company showed up at the exact moment that I was going through my pill stash. I was thinking they should have delivered my meds by now. Just like last month, they forgot to give me my Motrin. Grrrrr! The more I think about it, the more I want to switch to getting all my meds one block away.

And….another knock on my door! I knew there was a reason I wore PJ bottoms and a t-shirt instead of my usual flimsy nightgown. It was the missionaries! I have not had any of them visit me in a long, long time. We talked about my money dilemma. Pay tithing and be able to go to the temple, or use that money to live on. Both looked like deer in the headlights. Probably neither one has ever had to worry about money. They fled within 5 or 10 minutes. Quickest visit ever. Eternity is nice to think about. Making it through life seems awfully darn complicated.

I never did have a time of feeling OK today. I hope I do tomorrow. My head is not happy. Owwwwwwwwwww…….


Oh, look! A picture of me. Right down to the red rimmed eyes and itchies on the hand. I am definitely cranky, too.