It has been building up for days. Each day new allergic reactions happen and intensify. Ever eat something really salty and feel the inside of your lips get kind of rough? I noticed that feeling for a few days. Then, for several nights, my tongue got more swollen and sorer. When I woke up today, my tongue would not fit in my mouth…and it hurt a lot. I rinsed my mouth with cold water a bunch of times to try to mitigate the pain.


Late this morning, I decided to make breakfast. It was my usual sort of scramble with onion, mushrooms, pepper, zucchini, tomato, potato, avocado, eggs and cheese, with red salsa on the side. All I did was touch the fork to my mouth and the left side of the lining of my mouth was on fire. Instantly the lining changed texture and got rough. Bumps popped out and the burning was intense. Soon my gums hurt even more than the lining of my mouth. Water did not help.


Sorry for the horrible picture. I was frantically taking pics to see what it looked like. Most were worse than this. To the right in this pic, there are 3 white spots against the angry redness. My whole mouth was full of those bumps 😮 It was hard not to flip out.


I remembered that in the past, the awful sensation went away if I kept eating or brushing my teeth. I very reluctantly ate a few forkfuls of breakfast. It worked. After awhile, the pain stopped.


I spent the next couple of hours with roving hives all over my body. It was the same last night. Lots and lots of hives with big red welts on the back of my neck. I even had hives on the soles of my feet and touching my eyes. This is while on steroids!!! What the heck? I still have the hard bumps on both hands and my head is a mess of raw, itchy sores. My face looks bad, too 😦 These tongue pics are from tonight. I have not eaten since breakfast.


It’s as if part of my tongue sloughed off. I found pics just like mine by searching “allergic tongue”. Tonight most of the pain is on the under side of my tongue and the base of my tongue down in my throat. This is a combo of my regular geographic tongue, mixed with something new.  Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

I did almost nothing today. The best part was a 2 hour nap! But…I woke up thermonuclear hot…especially my head and feet. The erythromelalgia in my feet was blazing red and burning. I poured cold water on my feet and legs. I soaked my head in cold water, poured cold water over my arms, had the A/C on cold and had the floor fan pointing at me on high. It took more than an hour to cool down. I had been napping with the A/C on, so it was already cool in here!

Oh….the biggest reason I took a nap was because the photophobia had gotten so awful. Any bit of light burrowed deep into my head with wicked intense pain. This has been happening at random times for at least a week now. There have been a couple of days that I kept my blinds closed. That’s not usual for me.

I’m entertaining the idea that I am having yet another West Nile Virus flare. A lot of this feels like it. I just don’t know…and unfortunately docs are virtually useless for long term WNV guidance. I reactivated my WNV support groups today. Definitely the best source of real life info.

It sure hurts to breathe tonight. I might be visiting the doc sooner rather than later for that. It’s scary to have my swollen tongue and throat trying to cut off my air. Sigh…..