Here we all were, expecting the wind storm to be the big deal. Ha! Soon after I published last night’s blog post, the power went out. I feel bad for all the appliances in town. The power did not go off and stay that way. About a minute of off, on, flicker and then gone. That was around 10:45. WOW! An already dark night and the power goes off. If I stand up and look northwest, the closest big building is the Grand America hotel. No lights as far as I could see and none to the east, either, except the red lights on the roof tops. To my north is the parking garage. One emergency light was on there. Only 2 of many emergency lights were on in my hallway.

As usual, the automatic battery-operated under-cabinet lights in my kitchen scared me. I am grateful I bought those when I first moved into this apartment. It was so dark in here that I could not see my hand in front of my face. I knew just where to reach my battery operated radio and headlamp without even moving. Soooooooooo quiet with no power. I headed for the bathroom very slowly, with the headlamp on my head, but not turned on. Got to where the motion detector could detect me and a bright light came on. Startled me! After that, Olive turned the light on many more times.

The silence was both wonderful and eerie. TRAX was still running, but all traffic lights were out. I could hear TRAX tooting their horns all through the city as they went through intersections. I sat here with the window open, soaking it all in. When the power went out, there was no wind and only very light rain. I tuned the radio to a local station that is actually staffed. Nobody seemed to know what was going on. Rocky Mountain Power said they did not know the cause of the outage. I knew right away that it was not a neighborhood problem, because there was no big pop at the transmission station.


Lots of reports of a fire at the refinery north of downtown. The refinery had to shut down because of the power outage. The fire was just burning off gas while offline to prevent a pressure build up. This made the outage feel even more other-worldly.

I could not go to bed until the power came back on. Without my CPAP and oxygen concentrator, getting flat would mean not breathing. I sat up and enjoyed the silence. My place had the power off less than 2 hours. Not everyone was so lucky. 82,000 people were without power. I watched the lights come on from north to south. One of my salt lamps blew. I seem to lose a bulb for every outage.

This morning, most people have had their power restored, but some traffic lights are not working. TRAX trains are needing UTA police escorts to go through intersections. The SLC police department says tough luck at regular intersections, they don’t have enough cops to direct traffic. Reporters are saying lots of near misses for the morning commute. Cops claim that all those sirens for hours on end were just “normal” first responder calls. BS! I have never heard so many sirens both before and during the power outage. There has got to be more to the story.

I-80 was closed for awhile last night because a tractor trailer of ammunition was on fire somewhere near the NV/UT border. I only heard it on the radio. Nobody is talking about that today. Why? Geeze. I was googling “tractor trailer of ammunition on fire” and see it happens way more often than you might expect.

I went to talk to the manager about the guy getting high in front of my window the other day. He’s the “adult” kid of a woman upstairs, who has a husband. I told him not to tell me more….because I would inevitably like that person a little less. I will probably find out anyway. I have my suspicions. I can only think of five couples upstairs. The reason the manager abruptly turned around by my window when he saw the guy was because he went in and told the mother. The guy had already been kicked out of here and was not supposed to be on the premisis. Pffffffttt….I hear his car here several times a day.

Which reminds me…quite a few more people in this building have gone over or gone back to the dark side. Drugs are a big deal here. All the creepy people clump together. If one quits drinking, smoking or drugging, it doesn’t take long until they are sucked back in again. I watch it all happen daily, in front of my window. They get skinnier and skinnier on each trip past on the sidewalk. Even from several feet away, I can see their sunken eyes and protruding cheek bones and the meat is falling off their bones. It happens pretty darn quick. Some are suddenly covered in sores. Usually their hair has big changes. Who needs TV? It’s like my own sad reality show.

I DID get good news! Supposedly within the next 2 months, Google will start service. And the best part? We get the basic Google Fiber free for a year. No $300 up front. Of course….I will believe it when I see it. Sounds hopeful 🙂

Tonight the boom car was out there again. As always, the noise hurts me. It goes right to several places I have scar tissue and it also makes me feel sick to my stomach, besides giving me an earache. I wondered if I am the only one who feels this way, so looked it up. As I have suspected all along, the noise it makes…just like the ice cream truck that didn’t really sell ice cream…are ways to let people know that drugs are for sale. The guy will just randomly go through the parking lot. Next thing you know, people are meeting up with nearby people and cars. Then soon after that, the zombies appear. Such a waste of money and humanity 😦


Nothing strange happened to me today as far as allergies go! I ate OK. My throat still feels sore and swollen, but it is not so scary. My mouth and tongue are OK. The bumps on my hands are still there….but smaller. Hmmm…I took this pic, thinking it would look better. Not much. At least it’s not as painful. Little victories mean a lot.


The excitement of the day was the landscaping crew. They did major thinning of the red leaved trees out front. All bushes were thinned out so fewer homeless people can hide there and creepers have a harder time finding a spot to ambush from. Ahhhh…..realities of the city….

After the landscapers left, I took a couple hour nap. The stupid photophobia was making light pierce into my skull. By the time I got up, my eyes felt better. I wish my head pain would blow away with the wind tonight. The newly trimmed trees sway differenly in the wind than they did yesterday. I hope they are tough, yet supple. I wish I was 🙂