It’s one of those days I slogged through…and then crashed and burned. By the time I made my bed, showered and dressed, I wanted to go back to bed. But I couldn’t. I had an appointment for an ultrasound of my foot at the orthopedic center. I HATE going to appointments in research park…the boonies out back of the U. It’s very wheelchair unfriendly.

I took TRAX part way, then wheeled it the rest of the way. I did not want to get on the U’s short bus and be tossed around again. Figures. It rained all the way between the TRAX station and the orthopedic center. Good thing I had my big rainbow umbrella. I could see black clouds over the mountains and virga over the valley, but it never did rain again.

I hope I get a new power wheelchair before this one stops working! It makes strange noises and even a couple of miles brings the battery power down to half. The chair randomly swerves right and left and it rides rougher than ever. A few times I thought it was going to quit. Perhaps a loose wire to go with the bent axle?

First, a doc and a tech did the ultrasound of my left foot. In the beginning, he called it a fibroma. They did lots of pics and measuring. Then they brought in the head doc. They decided I have fat necrosis in my foot, which caused swelling that the steroids has brought down. They said they rarely see anything like what’s going on with my foot. What a surprise! 😛

My understanding so far, is that we all have fat in our feet to cushion the bones. For some reason, my fat died 😦 I then lifted up my right leg and showed them my lipodermatosclerosis leg where the fat has been killed off, and the scar below my knee where fat and calcium were removed. Somehow this is all related, as well as the fact that I have MCTD, which includes scleroderma. They were purposely vague after that. I am supposed to see more doctors for interpretation. I am unclear if I have plantar fibromatosis with fat necrosis or if there is some other name for the whole mess. More waiting for more doctor appointments. Sigh…..

On my way to orthopedics, I stopped at my NP/GP’s office and left a message with the receptionist. I suspect she is the same person I could not understand on the phone. I am not sure she got my message right, either. I have not heard from that office. I wanted them to know that my throat was spasming even worse and that I was numb on my whole left side. My voice was very broken, with each vowel being 3 syllables. Not so sure the non-native English speaker could decipher.

I feel toasted 😦 Like an idiot, I again left my cellphone and camera home. Something about going to research park does that to me. I had to wait more than an hour before being seen at orthopedics. My face was neon red from the stupid lights. I was also having a real hard time breathing. I cannot sit around inside a building that long without getting sick from it.

While waiting, veins above the ones that were swollen yesterday popped out of my hand. It’s absolutely amazing how wicked painful such a small spot can be! Tonight I have that feeling in my right upper arm. It’s also still in my abdomen. I just want to barf from the pain 😦

My tongue is extra sore.


I am too wiped out to make much sense tonight…..