I woke up to take meds at 1:30 AM. Every Sunday I fill my pill container for the week. I finished doing that at 1:50 and turned off the light. Earlier in the evening, I had the A/C on, but got up to turn it off because it was making such a racket. So…while I was filling the pill box, I had the window open. Some youngish guy walked right up to my window and put his face against the screen. When he saw me in the dark, he turned and left. My heart is pounding out of my chest 😮

I wonder how reliable my description is? 30’s??? Army jacket? Curly unruly dark hair? Tall? Crap! I am scared. I closed the window, locked it and closed the blinds. Just before I saw him, I heard a woman’s voice out there, looked up and it was a woman who lives here and who has a big, black dog named Ming. She took off across the parking lot, in the direction of the front door. I wonder if he spooked her, too?

Wasn’t it 3 Saturdays ago that I woke up to see an old guy looking in my window? Not liking this trend one bit!!! So…I’m sitting here in the dark with the A/C being very noisy and my heart is the next loudest thing 😮 What’s interesting is that Olive is freaked out. She went up on the countertop to look through the blinds, tried looking out a few spots and got down. She acted scared. What the heck?

I’m sure not feeling safe, secure OR sleepy right now! It doesn’t help that I woke up with a numb hand. Not asleep. My thumb is not numb, but the rest of my hand is. That’s another thing that keeps happening…but wasn’t it my left hand last time? I hope I wrote it down. After an hour, it’s only more numb. The worst numbness is in the pinky.

It’s 7:30 AM. I slept less than an hour and woke up struggling to breathe, with my heart pounding. The air smells like burned something or other. Pungent. I am about to go officially insane after less than 4 hours of sleep. My bed is intensely uncomfortable. I can feel every board in the frame and box springs. My right arm is still numb. My head wants to explode. My eyes and mouth are all dried out. This is the 3rd day of dark pee. My throat is spasming on one side. My guts hurt.


There’s nothing “springy” about this. Is it called a foundation? I can feel every one of those boards, plus the one up the middle underneath it. Not comfortable at all. Like an idiot, I turned the mattress, hoping for some relief. Now my hernia hurts even more 😦 I tried to sleep again, but no such luck. Arrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!


Finally went back to bed for a few hours. When I woke up, my hand was still numb and my chest still hurt. My heartbeat is still going crazy. I think the palpitations are from more than just being startled. I got out my pulse oximeter. It shows my heartbeats. Earlier today I was at my usual 58 to 60 beats per minute, even though it was beating hard. Now my heart is going faster and the wave forms showing my heart beats are all kinds of irregular. As I feel the flutters, stutters, skips and all, it looks different. This isn’t good….is it?


Other times it sort of flat lines with little teeny blips…leading to a great big beat, then back to regular. Sometimes the peaks are jagged, stepped or rounded. It all feels uncomfortable. Something’s not right. I tried moving around, breathing different, wiggling my finger, etc. Those things did not change my heartbeats…only my heart messes up the beats….not external forces. Sigh….should I worry? How much?

Feeling tired and weird.