I spent most of the day with my windows closed, A/C on and audio book turned up. It was the perfect day for that. My head hurts too much for reading a book and I am very tired. Amazingly I was able to sleep about 11 hours last night. I needed it! Today the erratic beats are still there, but less intense. I feel more wrung out than beat up. So that’s an improvement 🙂


Calvin suggested I read The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Search for Meaning. “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” Sounded good to me. I got online through my local library and was able to digitally check out an audiobook copy. Chromebooks don’t download things, so I lucked out being able to listen online. I listened to 2 hours last night, and finished the book tonight. More than 9 hours all together. Kept me out of trouble.

Just before 10 PM, a couple came to my window to say hi to Olive and I. Before I even asked, they said the firetruck that was here this morning was for a guy that died. Another alcoholic drinking himself to death 😦 When that guy moved in, he started up an AA meeting in the community room. I was realizing there wasn’t much of a meeting any more at about the same time that I heard whisperings he was back to drinking. He is one of the people that I watched get impossibly thin. Apparently this morning he called people here to say hi and bye before dying. Very, very sad 😦

Most of the book was about universal truths. It wasn’t until the end that it was more about AA. Interesting observations about human behavior. While listening to the book, my thoughts were all over the place. In some ways it made me feel even more lonely. I honestly don’t know where I fit into the world any more.