I called my internist’s office and got an appointment for Monday morning. The more time marched on, the more pain I was in. I decided to go up to Huntsman to get a port flush….hoping somebody there would do something about my hernia.

By the time I got to the clinic, I was in heaps of pain. The nurse wanted to know why. I told her my hernia hurt. One thing lead to another and I had given her a short history lesson on me. She was upset that no one seemed to know what to do with me. She went to get her supervisor. He was a fantastic nurse. Both were. He spent the next several hours trying to get me into acute care. Of course I fell apart for my usual night/weekend/holiday time. The docs in that department were maxxed out and asked if I could come back Monday or Tuesday. So now I have an appointment there.

The nurse was incredibly empathetic. He did a lot of running back and forth on my behalf. They both wanted me to go to the U’s ER…but I said no way unless I thought I had no other choice. Surprisingly they agreed a level 1 trauma center is useless for chronic illness…or most problems less than gun shot, car accident or broken bones. I told them of past visits that were a total waste of time.

The guy nurse spent hours with me 😮 I was shocked. Since we had to go to the special spot for taking BP, I asked if I could get weighed. It was my turn to be stunned. I have lost 5 pounds, despite the humongous hernia and steroids. My BP was 169/72. He said it was high from pain. My oxygen saturation was 89. Despite steroids, my breathing still tanks from weakness. I told him the hernia is pushed up into my diaphragm, too.

The acute care docs wanted the nurse to assess me. He kept saying he could see I was in lots of pain. He wanted me to get some sort of pain shot. I said no thanks. I like the pain better than the side effects. I’ll stick with my 800 mg Motrins.

I left feeling listened to, like someone cared, but feeling frustrated that no one has any ideas to help me. When I got home, I found the comment about contacting the Utah hernia center, so I sent them an email with a picture. I doubt if they will take my insurance, but it’s worth a try.

My hernia is even bigger than this morning. How can that happen? I never ate today. Clueless (and nauseous) in Utah.