I got on the train and went to a new-to-me ER…the one the folks at Huntsman told me to go to. I told the ER doc I thought it was my lung. The 1st ER guy thought it was my heart. I passed 2 troponin blood tests. They want me to get a stress test.

The second ER doc decided I have pulled muscles and that’s why my arm doesn’t work and breathing hurts. I was just sitting here! But….he thinks my hernia has gotten so big that the opposing weight pulled the muscles. I think he is right. And since the hernia is constantly pulling on me, the muscles hurt. Gee…double whammy from cooking yesterday. At least I have food to just nuke right now 🙂


Of course myasthenia gravis had to be part of the whole equation. My eyes were drooped closed much of the time. They got better after Mestinon in the ER, then drooped shut again when I forgot and used my arm. Ouch.

I am home, sitting in my super-cooled A/C living room, and the pain is not letting up. At least I’m home with Olive the cat 🙂

Not feeling well at all. Sigh……