Once I finally got to sleep, I slept well. This was the first time in a long time that I had to be woken up by my alarm. The second I sat up, the piercing pain went from my back to front in my left chest. How come I could sleep OK? Was it just because I was so tired? I sat in my chair, totally dejected after taking a shower. I had half an hour to get ready to go and the pain was wicked sharp.

I almost always hate going to this location to see my internist since it’s an 8 minute drive or 1.5 hours by bus and TRAX. This time I got a bus driver who was new to the route. She blasted by my stop and then left me on the other side of the interstate 😦 That meant I had to cross half a dozen on and off ramps to get to my doc’s office. I was not amused. It was enough to make my blood pressure go up to 136/84.

I have very little patience with docs. He spent way too much time talking basic info about my hernia. Most of it stuff I already know. What he spent the longest lecturing me on is not to itch my belly. I don’t! He says that’s how the skin ulcerates and the intestines come out. I have to admit…I never heard that before…but I don’t itch that skin! Grrrrrrr…..

Then I showed him my foot to catch him up on that problem. Without more than a glance, he said it was plantar fibromatosis. Then he looked at my hands and said I have Dupuytren’s contracture. Geeze. Why did I have to go to the podiatrist then the ultrasound if it was so easy?

My A1c was bad 😦 It has gone up to 8.4 thanks to steroids. Crap. Here’s his list of today’s diagnoses.


The doc was ticked off that the ER had not done a CT scan. He said they can’t be sure it’s not a blood clot without it.

Which brings me to Tuesday’s appointment. I see the acute care doc at the cancer hospital. My internist is relying on them to figure out what to do about the hernia. Apparently that department exists to mop up after bad outcomes thanks to surgery and cancer treatment. It will be interesting to see if they think my future includes anything besides a split open abdomen. Tonight the hernia pain eclipses the chest pain. I’m just one big pain.


What’s really, really weird, is that I felt pretty good for a few hours today. How can I hurt so bad, feel OK and hurt so bad again? I don’t even begin to understand my body. I quick took pics when my face worked! Still droopy…but not my face melting. Nice steroid face…sigh……..


For breakfast I had a slice of quiche. For lunch, TJ’s masala burgers, Island salsa and cottage cheese. A frozen Daifuku Mochi (大福餅)  for snack. Look how may carbs were in that! 😮 I shot up extra insulin. I stopped at the Asian store for sesame balls and they didn’t have any. I might like this even better! It will take lots of comparison taste tests 🙂 I’m a sucker for red bean paste in just about anything. For supper I had strawberries and blueberries.

I got my mail and look what I found! I put it on my hands right at the mailbox. It was 97 degrees today at the airport….breaking past records. My skin was dry and cooked. Thank you sooooo much nice person 🙂


Oh, I forgot to tell you about the trip home. Google Maps gave me a new alternative. I could go from the doc’s office to the Jordan River Trail and follow the trail to the TRAX station. At first I was happy and carefree. Then I got to the interstate bridges over the river. Even though they had huge, pointy rocks under them, homeless people slept there. I was scared…and zoomed as fast as I could. I am a sitting duck in a wheelchair. I wonder if a cellphone works under a bridge? Lot of good it would do! When I got home, one of the guys always in legal trouble told me never to do that again. People get robbed, hurt and even killed there. Yikes! I found an exact picture of it online…minus homeless people.


Cities scare me way more than camping in the boonies! Well…nobody beat me, but I feel like it. Time to rest up for Tuesday.