For several months now, some guy from my church keeps calling me to say he wants to bring kids to my house to do whatever tasks I need done. I asked if they could spiff up my wheelchair. Above the wheels, but under the seat has never been cleaned since I got it. It has been bugging me for a couple of years. I cannot bend enough to do it myself. Now that they are finally going to clean the chair, I am getting a new wheelchair.

Each time this guy calls, he insists that the kids want to clean my house and wash my windows. By now I am pretty tired of hearing his spiel. This week he called to say they will finally be here on Saturday. I was psyched to get them to mop the kitchen and bathroom….which is really hard on me.


Wednesday night I went out to get my mail and found a note by the door. It says my apartment was randomly chosen to be inspected on Friday morning at 11 AM. Do you know how much that sucks? I am in tons of pain, have helpful kids coming Saturday, but have one day to clean the whole place myself for inspection Friday. I would cry, but I already used up this week’s tears.

Well…I guess I know what I will be doing Thursday. Soooooooo NOT thrilled about cleaning. Grrrrrrrrr……

It was still 93 degrees at 8:30 PM!

Now it’s 7 AM and the temperature is already 78.


10:30 AM and something new and not good is happening. My vision and hearing changed, there’s loud ringing in my ears and it feels like I am being squished in a press…all over…not just my lungs. I can just barely lift my fingers to type, with my wrists resting on the laptop. I am having fasciculations and bigger muscle spasms all over. A wicked bad headache keeps intensifying. Uh, oh…what now? It doesn’t help that my allergies and MG are both acting up. We have an ozone air alert and high pollen counts along with a temp of 86 right now. Mid 90’s later today. Friday the forecast is for close to 100 degrees.

I need a shower. I am way too weak to shampoo…even if sitting on my shower chair. I still have the apartment to clean! I have 2 appointments today. Good thing they are coming to me. I can barely move. I guess I had better close the window, turn up the A/C, crawl back in bed with my CPAP and oxygen…so maybe I will be able to move and talk when they get here. Ohhhhh…and I desperately need enough strength to get dressed! 😮