I can understand not liking someone….for a myriad of reasons….but why do people kill other people??? Ignoring would be good. Getting to know and understand them might be better. I’m rather glad I don’t understand people who are purposely mean, spiteful, hateful or murderous. I can understand being scared of some people, being disgusted by others. I’m disgusted by smokers who stop and smoke in front of my window….but I would never hurt them for doing it. Why can’t we all just get along? If we cannot genuinely love the next person, we can at least be polite to them. Respect would be even better. Extend to the next person the respect that you would like to feel.


Most idiots in the US are Christian. Most people who commit crimes went to public school. Most people who die breathed air before they kicked the bucket. That doesn’t mean that all Christians are idiots or that all public school goers are criminals. Generally breathing air does not cause death. Not all generalizations are good ones. Idiots are universal. They come from all religious and socio-economic backgrounds. It’s not a special club. Anyone can choose to join. Don’t. Just don’t.


I am not a good example. We all depend on the next person to help us be better people. I like having good role models 🙂 I need them! There are many ways of being that I never considered until I learned it from someone along my path. We need to be there for each other. I really like this video 🙂