What a trek! I left at 10:30 AM and got home after 4:30 PM. It ended up being a very easy trip. From my place to TRAX, then on a bus. The bus driver said they used to have a route that went right to the hospital, but stopped doing that. When we got to where he was supposed to let me off on the main drag, he said “Ooops! I accidentally turned onto the hospital’s road”. Snicker. He left me at the door.


I looked up reviews on the guy because the hospital he practices at has very low ratings. (So low that the hospital changed its name. They just have a cheesy banner over the old name). One of the amusing comments was the patient could overhear hall conversations and thought that was unprofessional. I heard more than my share of sketchy things, too. The doc told the nurses and receptionists to double book from now on. Then the doc and nurse said I was a new patient, so they saw the established patients before me.

It was a loooooong wait to see the doc..almost 3 hours. By the time he came in the door, I was ready to hate him. I loved him 🙂 The very first thing he did was shake my hand and ask if my eye was like that from myasthenia gravis. Gee….two docs in less than 2 weeks find my MG a no-brainer to diagnose.

I showed him the pics of my open belly wound, then the real, live hernia. He asked questions and I asked him a bunch. He thinks it’s way more likely for there to be internal damage that kills me rather than an ulceration opening up. I told him the other surgeons gave me a 10 and 20% chance of living through the operation. He said he gives me 21%.

When he asked who my neuro is, I looked sad and told him about the neuro I used to see in his same hospital system. I said he dumped me because I am too complicated and the idiot neuro at the U told him to send me back to them. The surgeon grabbed his phone and started calling a neurologist. This was beginning to feel familiar. I went to a surgeon at the U who called his buddy and asked him to see me. The neuro was the side-kick mini-me to the original idiot neuro. They are like clones. It will be interesting to see if this surgeon really knows a decent neuro who takes my insurance.

Well…the surgeon thinks he can get this good neuro to give me IVIg. How many times have I heard this in Utah??? It’s getting to be a big joke. The surgeon is also sending me to an endocrinologist. I have to see a whole bunch of people and work with them all to get healthy enough for possible surgery. He said I am basically at the point of no return. The hernia is too big. I think he wants me to get psyched to maybe get some sort of repair. He says all of my co-morbidities make me extremely risky to operate on. Yup….I know that. That’s why no surgeon would even consider touching me.

The surgeon was way cuter and younger looking in person than I was expecting. I did a lot of joking back and forth. I think the guy was having a hard time seeing me as a funny, fairly nice old lady and knowing there wasn’t much hope of a surgical solution. He was overcompensating by trying to find help in all directions. Cynical me says he gets a lot of kickbacks. I go back in 2 months to see the surgeon.

I had been swelling up for a few days. I’ve been having a full bladder every hour or less today. I had to pee 4 times while in the surgeon’s building. I never know why my body decides to swell up or to let go of its edema. I sure as heck don’t understand how sometimes I give up way more fluid that I have taken in….no matter how much I drink or consume salt. Darn autonomic nervous system!


The hospital is in a heavily Latino part of town. Wow! Lots of yummy looking Mexican restaurants. Some of the houses and beat up horse barns/sheds along the TRAX route look just like being in poor parts of Mexico. Even the signs are in Spanish. This is the bus stop. Someday it would be fun to explore all around there.


While I was waiting in the shade of the bus stop, a guy came riding along on his bike, parked it on the sidewalk and ate lunch. He was wearing front and back ornate body armor. I wish I could have gotten a better pic. He was something to behold!

I came home after not drinking for hours and spit in my 23andme DNA vial. I don’t remember if the box came yesterday or today. I hear it takes a really long time to get the results. I am pretty sure I am 90+ percent of European origin. The online questions were extensive about all my diseases. If studying my genes helps somebody, that would be great 🙂 I look forward to studying the results.

Another thing that came in the mail was a questionnaire from the national wheelchair company….asking me how I like my new wheelchair and the customer service. Ummmmm….what wheelchair? I must be getting it soon!