Huh….I thought I posted this on Monday…..

I didn’t feel well yesterday and was glad to not write about it. Today was worse. I should not be dragging so much while on steroids. Sigh…it was a 4 hour nap day and I still woke up from the nap feeling exhausted. I’m not even sure what today was like. I closed the blinds before noon and didn’t open them again until after 6 PM. I wanted no part of reality.

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There were the usual thunderstorm weather alerts and national weather service tones. That happens a lot lately. The worst has not been in SLC. There has been giant sized hail some places. The weather guy says it’s the biggest hail he has ever seen in Utah. We just had rain in SLC. Compared to NY/VT rain, not much comes down in the desert. People here act like they are going to melt if rain touches them 😛

Tuesday I see the surgeon. I’m afraid he will want to operate on my hernia and afraid he won’t. It sure has expanded a lot in the last few days! 😮

I have not heard from the wheelchair people. That means there’s no chance of changing insurance this year, either. Geeze…it’s always something.

On one hand, I am grateful for getting food from the Bishop’s Storehouse. On the other hand, quality has gone down. I used to love their peach jam in a glass jar! Now there’s strawberry or raspberry in a plastic squeeze container. It’s a PITA to get out and it’s definitely not the same good old wholesome jam that used to be offered. Today I got to be disappointed by the beef franks. I LOVED their meaty, smoky franks. Now they are giving out the same old bloated hot dogs that can be had for a buck at the store. So sad 😦

Feels like sentiment is that poor people don’t deserve much. Hardly any money for SNAP, less quality from the church, high rent, low disability benefits, crummy health care. Someone is pocketing the difference. We are still among the top 10 richest countries in the world.


I’ve had heavy night sweats lately…even while napping. Most evenings I alternate between hot and cold for hours. I just broke out in a massive hot flash, with sweat coming out of every pore of my body. It’s 61 degrees outside, the window is open and I have the fan pointed at me. My body is as confused as my brain.

Well….tomorrow should be interesting….