Did you know that you can look up online where to find a big blue mailbox? I know I have passed them in my wheelchair, but I couldn’t tell you where any of them were. There are 4 between this apartment and Smith’s grocery store! I needed to find somewhere to mail out my 23andme box of spit. I went to the one next to the Leonardo museum.


Since I was on the block for the library TRAX station, I figured I might as well try going to Costco again. I decided to get off TRAX at 2100, where you can see RR tracks on the map. I went a block east, then took West Temple for 4 blocks north and followed 1700 to a side road into Costco. Then back up to the store. The nicest part of the trip was on West Temple. It’s a fairly quiet semi-residential part of the city. Lots of shade trees 🙂


This one is Taylor Springs

Much to my surprise, I passed the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City. I went in and filled out an application. I’m not really sure what I signed up for, but the waiting list was 2 years. For a moment, the receptionist had me all excited. She said there were vacancies TODAY…next door in a brand new building! Well, the receptionist said I had to be 62. As I wheeled by the place I was thinking how nice it looked. There were wheelchair height planting beds and fountains and flowers.


I’m still very confused about “next door”. There was both a Taylor Gardens and a Taylor Springs. the garden one is the new place. It says 55+ on the poster. So….the housing authority was wrong either in person or on the poster. I need to call them. It’s 30% of income for rent….I think. That whole place was confusing.


It was a long, convoluted trip to Costco in the hot sun. I flashed my paper receipt at the door and went in and got my membership card. OMG! When I woke up, my face was pretty much round. I thought it might deflate as the day went on. Nope! The steroids are doing their thing. Sigh….

It felt sooooooo good in the A/C! 🙂 I very slowly went around the store. When I got to all the fresh and frozen foods…..I wanted all the meats, fruits and veggies. It got too painful to look after a while. The great part was all the free food! There were so many samples that I didn’t need lunch. But ohhhhhhhhh, what torture looking at all the yummy food that I could not afford to buy! I had $21 in SNAP left, plus spent $11.15 in real money. I bought a rotisserie chicken for $4.99, a huge 30 ounce bag of Cheddar Doritos $3.89, 2 pounds blueberries $5.99, a big jug of Hershey’s syrup $7.79, big jar of bread and butter pickles $3.99 and mango peach fruit spread $4.99. I cannot even remember the last time I bought Doritos. I won a little bag a few years ago. I’m craving salt and that was the cheapest sort of chip. I ate a handful with some rotisserie chicken for supper.

I wanted to buy shredded Mexican or pizza cheese, Parmesan, deli meat, every sort of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable, the bags of pot stickers and bbq pork buns, almost every kind of fresh meat, a cheese Danish!, mango nectar, etc, etc. It’s really tough to go look at all that luscious food and not be able to buy it. Food sure is cheaper at Costco than at Smiths! Of course the problem with my SNAP income is a bag of cheese is a 9th of my budget. I could not afford to buy more than a few items per month.

This is going to seem like an awful food month. Because my yearly SNAP was renewed for June 1st, they put food stamps in my account then, instead of the 15th. I have no more food money from now until July 15th. Crap. Good thing the church has been helping me out.

When I left Costco I thought…how bad can the lack of sidewalk be for half a block? It was awful. I had to go in the road on a very busy route. Google likes to mix it up. Each time I search for public transit options on the same stretch of real estate, I get new choices. This time, a new bus route popped up. I will try that next time I don’t get a paratransit ride. Bus 9 stops fairly close to Costco. Sidewalks with curb cuts are important. You never realize just how important until you are in a wheelchair.

As I was toodling along today I was thinking about all the tough spots I get in on a daily basis thanks to my power chair. Businesses with no handicap access, sidewalk bumps and cliffs, tree root damage on sidewalks, not enough room for a chair to pass between stupid objects. The stupidest objects are fire hydrants smack dab in the middle of sidewalks….with no way around. I hate the #@*! columns at TRAX stations. If the operators don’t stop at the right place, it’s a PITA to maneuver around garbage cans and posts between me and the train. A block from here, at Arctic Circle, there is a big old cement and metal can right in the middle of the curb cut. I cannot fathom how stupid that is! Then there are myriad doors that are too skinny, too heavy or at too crazy of an angle for wheelchairs. I could write a book about how difficult the world is with just a chair…no helper, no private vehicle. It’s a crazy world out there. I still HATE bicyclists on the sidewalk!!!!!!! Most make no noise, just pass so close that I can feel them….while going really, really fast. Today I started to swerve to avoid one guy coming at me when 2 were passing from behind me on the right. We were almost one big tangled mess. There are no trips without close calls and almost being hit by vehicles, bikes and pedestrians with cellphones. It’s scary out there!

All this gallivanting around has put me way behind in phone calls, paperwork and research.  Must. Buckle. Down.