I have to admit…I am curious how long a person can last with the autonomic nervous system fluctuating wildly. My BP, heart rate, breathing, temperature, sweating, dizziness, fluid balance, etc. are all over the place. I’ve had some form of dysautonomia “forever”. But, geeze, the fluctuations are now more erratic and more intense than I ever imagined they could be. With such highs and lows, will it swing into dangerous ranges too long or too extreme to recover from?

Yes, I admit I have been thinking a lot about death lately. We’ve had one death after another here in this building. The latest person died from pancreatic cancer. I did not know her. I only saw her a few times in 4 years. I see her father all the time. He would tell anyone and everyone how lazy and worthless his daughter was 😦 I steered clear of him. He looks awful after her death. I understand he lost his son a month or so before her. That would be very, very tough to deal with the death of your children.

My left lung just isn’t working right. Now I have pain at the top and bottom of my lung and some strange swelling behind my ribs. I find myself sitting bent over, half way to my knees, just to be able to breathe. Every few hours, I have to go get in bed with CPAP and oxygen for awhile. Once I get flat, I burp a lot. It feels like my guts aren’t working right unless I can unbend for awhile.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 at 9.22.31 PM

We have been having high ozone levels for a couple of weeks. Now this week temperatures are heading towards 100. Not looking forward to hiding in A/C all that time. The only appointment I have is at my place. Thank goodness!


Did anybody watch Brain Dead on CBS? Ha ha ha ha! If only there was a nice, easy explanation for politicians….like aliens ate their brains! And I want the politicians who become all nice, versus what I see more often…people who are uncaring or mean. I hardly ever watch this sort of TV…but what the heck 😛

I did not do much of anything today. I sat behind closed blinds, with the A/C running full blast. After 9 tonight, I opened the window for the first time because it was 70’s out there. Whew! The city stinks! I can smell garbage, car exhaust and hot tar. Yuck. I quick closed the window and went back to A/C. I yearn for Vermont or Adirondack air. Pfffftttt!!!!!! Look what I found. Air quality sucks there and will be bad Monday. My lungs are not amused 😦