I’m glad I am not in AZ or southern UT….it’s worse there. And forget about Death Valley at 126 😮  We had a high of 100 degrees today. At 10 PM, it’s still 90 degrees! 😮 I never got dressed and I never left my apartment. It has been a big enough struggle just to sit here and breathe, with the A/C and fan going.

There’s something just wrong with my left lung. At noon I gave up struggling and got in bed with CPAP and oxygen. I napped a couple of hours. Felt better when I first got up, but all my chest muscles are strained again. My oxygen saturation is at 93% and my heart is still beating faster at 70. When my chest didn’t hurt today, oxygen saturation was 98% and pulse 56. On a “normal” day, my oxygen saturation is not that high. I feel like my body is working extra hard to keep oxygenated.

Since I was writing this, I decided to use my Proventil inhaler. Well…..duh! I instantly felt less pain. I guess I need to keep the inhaler out where I will not forget it. Usually I only use it when I am wheezing. I’m too weak to wheeze right now.  Pffffftttt! 20 minutes after the inhaler, the intense pain is back.

I tried several times today to use my brain, but it wasn’t good for much. I did transfer a bunch of dead relatives to my online family tree…but it was just transferring, not finding new ones. I have weeks to wait, but I am excited about getting back results from the 23andme DNA test. I have spent hours answering their questions online. I hope it helps someone. I’m pretty much a lost cause at this point….but I hope my info can be useful for others.

My body is soooooooo worn out!

Ohhhh…I did open the door today after I heard someone in the hall. I got a notice saying the pest control people will be here Wednesday at 9 AM to spray and to check for bedbugs. That means I have to vacuum again 😦 With what strength? Sigh…..


Look what steroids are doing to me. I wake up each morning with a puffy face and protruding lips. Looks like the old days in Vermont when I took mega amounts of prednisone. Hey! At least my eyes aren’t drooped much first thing 😛

The hernia is still ripping more each day. Life is, uhhhhhhh, painfully exciting….