Olive spent at least half an hour trying to wake me up. I guess it’s in my own best interest to pay attention to her. I had only slept maybe 5 hours…at the most. We came out into the living room and watched the sun come up…with the window open. It was too early for meds. I read the night’s emails, puttered around, and decided my life depended on me getting some fresh fruit. I left the building at 7:25. I wheeled it to Smith’s, then to TJ’s. I forgot to look at the sink hole! I was on the other side of the street. It was early πŸ˜›

Took TRAX home and threaded my way through yet another festival being set up to block the sidewalks all weekend. It was pleasant temps in the 70’s. I got home exactly to the dot, an hour after I left. I rarely think to do something like time my trips. As I put away the berries, my head wasn’t feeling well and I was woozy. Before taking my morning Miralax with juice, I checked my blood sugar. 79. Ooooops! I must have had low blood sugar when Olive woke me up. No wonder I hardly remember the hour to the store and back! This whole low blood sugar thing is new to me.

Some time around 11, there was an update for the chromebook. I hoped for the best. What a disaster! This time I tried power clean at least half a dozen times, plus a bunch more tricks I learned from the last couple of times this happened. No such luck. It’s super frustrating to not be able to use the touch pad, arrow keys, etc. I had read that with a plugged in mouse, the chromebooks will still work. I went out in 96 degree heat to get a mouse at Radio Shack. It’s only 2 blocks away, but whew! Hot!

Poor Radio Shack. Now that it’s going down the tubes, there’s hardly anything left in the store. I came home, plugged in the mouse and I can now use the laptop. I was reading forums for various brands of chromebook developers. This bug is across all machines and isn’t expected to be fixed for days. I’m starting to hate Google/Chrome/the chromebook. One of the developers said he tried the update on 10 chromebooks with no problem, so pushed the update. Now thousands of us are going crazy.


I kept touching the touch pad. A hard habit to break. That starts the whole chromebook going nuts, so that even the mouse can’t be used. Then I have to restart the laptop a time or three until it works again. I have touched the touch pad dozens of times…..even with paper taped over it to remind me. Sigh…..

Yesterday I had horrible photophobia. Today light hasn’t bothered me. It sure is random! But, ohhhhhhhhhh…the crushing chest pain. My left lung hasn’t been breathing right. After hours of that torture, I stopped noticing the breathing and paid more attention to the swelling. Under my left breast, there is something so swollen that it’s more than a handful. I think it’s my spleen. It sure has been feeling strange tonight. It’s a nice switch up to have more of that pain and less of the breathing pain. Now the next step should be NO pain!

The laptop acts possessed. I have to keep rebooting and power washing. I had better publish now. I feel like I am pressing my luck.