I wish I had a buck for each time I have accidentally used the touch pad….even though I have it covered up. It’s just automatic to use it. Each time I make that mistake, I have to totally shut the chromebook down, reboot and try again. It almost always happens once I have typed a lengthy reply on a FB group. The answer cannot be saved and disappears into the ether. Arrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!! I just did it again at the end of that sentence! The update to fix this issue cannot happen soon enough! Grrrrrrrrrrrr……..


So, I dutifully ended up vacuuming the floor in time for the bug guy to come in and spray. I just realized the bed bug inspector hasn’t been here. Sigh…. When the spray guy left, I quick took off real clothes and put on a flimsy nightgown. I’m burning up. Within half an hour, the oxygen man showed up to test the oxygen concentrator. I told him to give me an extra minute to put clothes on. As soon as he and his helper left, I put my nightgown on again…and now I remember the inspector hasn’t been here. The heck with it. I’m not changing again.


I am suspecting something new is wrong with my pancreas. My blood sugar was 77 when I woke up. Despite shooting up 75 units of Lantus, my blood sugar went up to 288 after eating eggs, sausage, zucchini, onion, tomato, potato with cheese and Sriracha bbq sauce. Four hours later, it’s still 250. I do not understand why it’s going so high during the day and so low by morning. Yikes! I’m looking forward to seeing the endocrinologist. My blood sugar regulation is getting weirder each day.


Now that I have the (spleen?) bulge, my breathing is way better. I no longer feel that horrible crushing tightness that has been happening whether I breathe or not. But why am I swollen there? Ever since I got mono in my 20’s, my liver and spleen randomly take turns swelling up and making my ribs hurt. Mysteries.


Just writing this much, I had to reboot a bunch of times. Finally I punched holes in the paper. So far, so good. I felt the bumps before I hit the touch pad. Geeze! Thinking is exhausting work 😛


How timely! New research on memory loss thanks to WNV. It pruned my synapses. Same old stuff that’s always wrong with me….inflammation.


Well, this sucks 😦 Here we go again. Thursday we switch to even worse air. SALT LAKE County: Air Quality Condition: Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, Ozone Action Forecast: MANDATORY Health Advisory: Sensitive people (those with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly, and children) should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.


It’s too hot to go outside most of the day. We were 99 degrees with 16% humidity. Shanghai is supposed to be 93 degrees with 68% humidity. Ack! The desert suddenly sounds better.


The bed bug inspector never showed up. I’m glad I quit caring. Other than people visiting my apartment, it was a pretty boring day. Most of the time I was in some sort of physical distress and in lots of pain. Same old, same old.