After yesterday’s morning blood sugar of 66, I decided to experiment. I shot up less Lantus insulin at 6 PM. At 11:30 last night, I ate brown jasmine rice with a portion of beef stew that I made in my pressure cooker. A pound of beef stew meat, an onion, 4 carrots, 6 stalks celery, a tomato, salt, pepper and no-salt vegetable seasoning mix. Then at midnight I had a small bowl of ice cream.

When I woke up at 8:12 AM, my blood sugar was 85. An hour later it was 79. 15 minutes later it was 70 and the severe shaking started. I got a mug of chocolate milk. Half an hour later, my heart was pounding out of my chest. My blood sugar had risen to 105. Ten minutes later I was incredibly weak and I was up to 112. I have taken no meds or insulin yet this morning. I am just trying to observe what happens to me. 15 minutes more, and I have jumped to 141. I’m suddenly hungry. 20 minutes more and blood sugar has dropped to 139.

At that point I decided to forego insulin for the day and to keep testing. About 45 minutes later, I was at 120. I took my meds…Mestinon, Motrin, Medrol, Zyrtec and supplements. Soon I realized I needed to eat with my meds. I made a peanut butter and orange marmalade sandwich. Half an hour later I was at 134. Half an hour more and my blood sugar had jumped to 203…hardly surprising with all those carbs. Half an hour more and it had dropped to 199. I took a 3 hour nap.

When I woke up, my blood sugar was 166. I ate one bread and butter pickle spear. An hour later I’m up to 175. Decided I should eat more. I had some pulled pork from a can mixed with Stokes green sauce from a can. I ate it with a bread heel. An hour later, I’m up to 228. My abdomen was hurting. The spleen and perhaps pancreas area was swollen. I was feeling real queasy. An hour later, I took my afternoon dose of Plaquenil, Motrin and Mestinon. An hour after that, I got a burst of sweating. I am only down to 227. An hour after that and my blood sugar is 207. So far, my #’s are better with no Lantus than with it….and I don’t feel like a war is going on inside me….more like a skirmish.


I waited a whole hour and a half before testing again. My blood sugar is 164. I sure have done way better without the Lantus! Still too high, but my docs would actually be thrilled with some of those numbers. Two docs have said my 8.4 a1c wasn’t bad! 😮 I miss the days of being able to afford good food, instead of eating all the charity food. Of course, on one level, it’s better to eat than not, but what I get for free isn’t all that good for me. Sigh….always a conundrum. I will test before bed and when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Hopefully all this testing and experimentation will help me and the docs find out what’s going on.


The whole point in taking Lantus is “it consists of microcrystals that slowly release insulin. This gradual process ensures that small amounts of insulin glargine are released into the body continuously, giving an almost peakless profile.” Of course I would be the one with lots of peaks and valleys! So, does this mean my pancreas is working better or worse than expected? Why did it suddenly get whackier? How are Medrol and Plaquenil affecting the diabetes? Research says steroids make blood sugar go up and Plaquenil makes it go down. Too bad they are not working together instead of taking turns!


Cashing in on people in poverty. A subject dear to my heart…and one I have been railing against ever since Heather was in Head Start. Most “non-profits” spend a lot of money on themselves and a lot less on direct help than you might imagine. Poor people generate lots of income….for grocery stores thanks to SNAP, for docs and hospitals thanks to Medicaid, for stupidly run things like my local Meals on Wheels and senior center, for kids in foster care and don’t get me started on the money made off of homeless people!


Just got an email from the wheelchair guy. News seems to be regressing. I called (your insurance) again today regarding your chair. They told me that they wanted more info on your need for a chair so I sent it over to them just now. They said that they would have an answer in 7 business days.” This is the guy that kept saying it was approved and I would have the chair in May. All salesmen are bullshitters! He has repeatedly lied to my docs and I. I wrote back and said so much for quick delivery. He wrote “sometimes they take longer than is wanted. sorry about that.” I really wanted to tell him to just always tell the truth to begin with, but I don’t want to tick him off right now.


So….life is ummmmm….exciting? challenging? interesting?