(As of midnight Saturday) I have not used insulin for about 54 hours. I don’t drink alcohol. Who knows about the other two?

I decided to stay home Saturday and keep testing my blood sugar. I figured the more data, the easier it will be for docs to diagnose what’s wrong. But….it’s getting dark as I’m starting this post and my blood sugar is already down to 100 after eating supper. That would be great if it didn’t keep going lower 🙂 So….how am I going to keep from going hypo while I sleep? Should I wait for 70 or below and then eat? Should I set a timer to check every couple of hours? Should I eat something every few hours? How dangerous is this to keep going below 70 after weeks up close to 300? Why is this happening?

The same old symptoms keep showing up. My spleen/pancreas area keeps swelling. I have sudden edema in hands and feet, my chest hurts, my heart pounds, I get weak and jittery. When my blood sugar is high, I am ravenous. When it’s low, I could not care less about food. My muscles are weird sore.

Olive keeps smelling my breath, pacing, meowing and touching me. Then she winds around and around my feet, hops up and does it all again. Whatever is going on with me is stressing her out. Geeze…look what happened to my face. My eyes undrooped a bit, but my mouth got worse. Kind of frozen on one side. Nothing would make it move.


I wish I already had an established relationship with a diabetes doctor. I don’t know who to turn to. Is there something about darkness that makes my blood sugar plummet? Arrrgghhhhh!

At midnight I decided to eat a can of albacore tuna with a little mayo and 4 diced pickle spears. I chased it with 6 prunes. Hopefully that will help me get through the night without getting lower blood sugar. I have been sweating heavily. Every time I eat, the area around my kidneys hurts like crazy. Tired of this new medical adventure. I hope to be asleep by 1 AM. Kinda scared to sleep. Geeze….scared to eat, scared to sleep. Sigh….


Wow! I slept 6 hours straight and woke up with a blood sugar of 111. Just when I think I have this blood sugar thing figured out, it does something new. Despite the higher numbers, I was shaking. Soon I was wicked weak and drooped. Now my MG is being the problem. I ate breakfast and am now in tons of gut pain. What the heck? My fingers hardly lift up, both eyes are almost closed, breathing is a very big deal. Feels like a giant reached into my guts and tried to rip them out 😦 Both of my legs are giving out underneath me. Luckily, they are taking turns. I don’t/can’t stand without my walker, a grab bar, a counter or a wall to hold onto. My muscles are going nuts with twitches, ripples and spasms.

I managed to stay awake 3.5 hours this morning, then slept for 4. All this body trauma and worry has me worn out. Felt fantastic to get more rest 🙂


It’s now 8 PM. My blood sugar got neither real high nor real low all day. Can I just pretend I no longer have diabetes? 🙂 I am physically and emotionally drained from the last few days. I just want someone else to figure it all out and tell me what to do. Should I resume taking Lantus? How much? What was going on? Will my numbers continue to fluctuate? Why are my #’s better right now without insulin? Seriously…what’s going on???

And a bummer about my internet service. I got a bill today. Service was just raised from $35.68 to $60.64. I should be getting Google for free one of these days…I just don’t know when service will start. I have heard nothing more. Just what I needed…another $25 price increase. Here’s my basic pie chart.


All other expenses has to cover laundry, cat stuff, haircuts, clothes, food beyond my $98/month SNAP and anything else I might need or want each month. Each time I think I cannot be squeezed any more, something else comes along. Of course the church would like me to tithe 10%, too. But from what money? I got a note from the vet that it’s time for Olive’s yearly checkup and vaccinations. Again…..with what money???