Back on Friday I sent a several paragraph email to my internist at 9:10 AM asking what to do about the hypos. Just got a response this afternoon (5 days later). It said “Referral is given to clinical pharmacist who will adjust your insulin dosage”. That was it.

Friday morning, I also called my GP’s office to ask what to do about my blood sugar roller coaster. They said go to the ER. I just heard today that my GP is retiring. I will miss him…but I’m glad for him. He has gained a lot of weight quickly from steroids. He looks like he is in a ton of pain. We are only a few weeks apart in age.

I already have an upcoming appointment with an endocrinologist thanks to the surgeon who gave me a 21% chance of living through hernia repair. Thank goodness! The other 2 doc offices have sure not been helpful. I need to get this figured out.

I made 2 broccoli, bacon, onion, cheese quiches yesterday. Last night I shot up 20 units of Lantus insulin so I could have a piece. This morning my blood sugar was 118. Tonight I shot up 30 ml. The internist had me on 75 ml! I am going to tinker with my dose in 10 ml increments until I get it at a good place. I hope the endocrinologist can give me guidance. Who knows what use a clinical pharmacist is? Last time I had an appointment with one to go over meds, she was not the sharpest crayon in the box.


I asked the manager if anyone was coming by to kill mold. It was already 1:30 PM and no one had shown up. He acted like he forgot again 😦 He said he would deal with it in 10 minutes. I see he put in a new filter. He put it in white side out. The other guy did blue side out. I wonder which is correct? Obviously no one scrubbed the mold. Something was sprayed in there, though. When I came back in my apartment, the lymph nodes in my neck instantly swelled up rock hard…so did whatever is in my chin wattle. Hurts to swallow from all angles. Hurts to breathe. I opened the window part way and left the A/C on. When I tried windows closed, the air was thick with mold spores and chemical. This sucks 😦


I have been getting a whole new crop of skin tags. I hate those things! They don’t hurt…but they bug me. I want to know what makes them pop out. You can see the left side lymph swelling just under my jaw. Kinda hard to tell where my jaw is now that my neck is as fat as my head 😦


And…..for the best news of the day! There was an alert to update the chromebook. I clicked it with great trepidation. I unplugged the mouse and ripped off the spiky paper covering my touchpad in optimism. YES!!!! The update fixed my laptop! Now I don’t need the mouse. Of course I am now having a heck of a time readjusting to the touchpad. I keep reaching for the mouse. I miss mouse scrolling and the way the mouse could enlarge pictures. Snicker…Olive wanted to know why I was mumbling about a mouse. She glared when I took her pic. She takes after my grandsons who are less than thrilled about picture taking.


While the manager was messing with the mold, I took off to go shopping. I love Rancho Market 🙂 Not much money left at the end of the month, so I had to be careful. I got 4 cans Jumex nectar for 50 cents each, 3 Mexican squash .83, 8 peaches $1.11, 3 limes .18, 4 mangos 50 cents each, 6 nectarines .91 and 6 avocados for $3.54, for a total of $10.89. The fruit and avocados need time to ripen. The cashier made lots of mistakes. Limes were supposed to be 3 for $1. She charged at the rate of 3 pounds for $1. The avocados were marked 50 cents each. She charged 59 cents each. At the end, she did not give me my 11 cents change. I considered mentioning it, but decided to let her keep it. So…I saved 82 cents on the limes and lost 54 cents on the avocados. Then she did not give me 11 cents. I managed to come out 17 cents ahead after all that.


The fruit and avocados need time to ripen. I made some Hawaiian shaved ice and added a third of a can of strawberry nectar. It turned into a slushy when stirred. Not bad 🙂


It was 96 degrees out there when I was coming home. My left foot swelled up right away. When I got home and had cooled off, I took a pic of me not too sick and not well, either. Shall we call that my optimum normal? Partly drooped eye and mouth….but passable as a human being 🙂


I have noticed that my eyebrows are growing back thanks to steroids 🙂 I wonder if my eyelashes will come back, too? And speaking of steroids….yesterday I went to get out of my chair and I fell back in it. That’s when I remembered that every single time I got up before I took steroids had been a slow and painful proposition. I’m going to hate tapering down some day. It’s worth having a round face to feel better. Really 🙂