Thank goodness for Olive. She is my constant buddy. Somehow Olive knows when I need my MG meds and she knows when my blood sugar goes low. This morning I thought I was so weak because I had managed to sleep 7 hours straight and was late for meds…and I was…but I was also shaky. I didn’t think my blood sugar would be low because it had inexplicably gone high again. I sat down and took my blood sugar. 59 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ That’s when I realized my spleen/pancreas area was swollen and sore again. Dang it!


Next thing I knew, Olive was curled up next to my chair in her favorite day bed…a suitcase. All that worrying about me wore her out. Now that I am back in my not so comfy chair, the darn mold has done the same as every morning. My left ear is stuck, I hardly swallow on that side, my throat is swollen, my eyes itch and my nose is swollen shut. I have the window wide open after a night of it closed and A/C on. Ow.


If you look close at my eye, there’s not much of the pupil that is unobstructed. The world gets a whole lot brighter when I lift my eyelid up. One side of my mouth is a sneer, the other a droop. I just love my steroid chipmunk cheeks and missing neck…NOT! Sigh….


I don’t understand why the thought of food grosses me out when my blood sugar is low and I am ravenous when it’s high. When it comes to self-preservation, those are the wrong sensations. I forced myself to eat a banana, but ick, food.


After the banana, I was up to 93 blood sugar and was hungry. I decided to cut up the 6 remaining peaches. I hope I remember to never buy cheap peaches again. These were fairly small and rock hard when I bought them 5 days ago. The flesh just beneath the skins was getting mushy, but I could feel the hardness still, underneath. The darn things were rotting on the outside and green inside! That’s a peach pit with peach flesh cut away around it on the top of the pile. I never had a peach like that before. Next time I will buy one rich person’s already ripe perfect peach, rather than 8 cheap ones for $1.11. They didn’t amount to much when all cut up.


Well, then it was time for a nap. I snoozed 3 hours and Olive woke me up. I had only been awake a few seconds when the power went out. How did she know??? Olive doesn’t like it when I keep the A/C on. She gets cold. This is the funniest place I have seen her sit so far ๐Ÿ™‚

Aha! I have been obsessing over beef lately. Most of my life I have not been very fond of beef. I was just aimlessly thinking, without really thinking, when I realized this is what I was like in Vermont! I had been a vegetarian for years. Then, for many more years, I thought of meat as more of a flavoring among other foods. One day Peter came home from work and I begged him to take me to the steak restaurant. He was bemused…and to his credit, we went. I ate that steak as if I had been starving for weeks. I came to realize it was the prednisone talking.


That’s it! I have been craving beef like I haven’t craved it in years. The 24 mg of Medrol I take daily is the same as 30 mg of prednisone. I want to eat a whole cow. I am starving for beef. Nom, nom, nom…..or at least I wish! ๐Ÿ˜› At least I know why I was doing that.

strawberry slush

I ate the next best thing. Mashed strawberries with Hawaiian shaved ice ๐Ÿ™‚