Well….I am a hyper couch potato. I’ve been having a hard time getting calm and a hard time moving around. While cutting up a half a box of strawberries today, my legs kept buckling underneath me. That’s not very long in minutes….maybe 5 or 6 buckled legs per minute for a few minutes? That hurt! All my life I have the feeling that my knee can bend in more than one direction. The weaker I am, the more it feels like my bones are coming out of the joints. Then they crunch back together and I about faint.

Steroids make me feel amped up. Jittery. Even my brain is jittering. There are lots of competing sensations going on within me. Makes me feel unsettled and skittish. I wish I had an on/off switch. Add to that the excitement of a new grandson and the thrill of finding out my DNA and my mind is going at warp speed. It would be handy if my brain could also store and retrieve info at warp speed! Since it doesn’t work that way, most of the info I take in, leaks out my ears.

Which reminds me…my genes say I have dry earwax and little body odor…the opposite of the man I lived with for 18 years. Our ears and scent were often a topic of conversation. We each thought the other was weird ๐Ÿ˜› For years I have been complaining about my missing brain cells. I was right. I have a 53% chance of having Alzheimer’s by 65. I think WNV is where the balance tipped in a big way and the brain drain has been swift.

Bad repute

The big pink dots are my worst genes. The diseases that shoot off from them are the ones I am most likely to have….if I’m going to get something at all. Of course it’s not that easy. I could study for years and just barely scratch the surface. Not surprisingly, I have a bunch of rare genes. I haven’t figured out how to graph those yet. Soooooooo much to learn!


I have strong gene predispositions for all the chronic illnesses I have been diagnosed with over the years. The validation is incredible! It’s helping me feel less guilty for being sick and disabled. It’s not my fault!!! It’s in my genes. The highest likelihood of disease is Alzheimer’s. Other high ones are MS, RA, Crohn’s, MG, macular degeneration, lupus, diabetes, A-fib, asthma, etc, etc.

MS risk

I started wondering if I was just plain likely to get everything, but nope. I am heavy on the things already diagnosed or hinted at…plus a few I would rather forget like thyroid cancer and heart problems. I saved a whole bunch of those graphs for each one of my most likely diseases. Here’s the MS cluster.

One that was very wrong is that it says I am supposed to have blue eyes. A note under it says one person has reported they have brown. My eyes and hair have changed colors my whole life…I must have some chameleon genes in there ๐Ÿ˜›