I got real tired of mentioning how miserable mold is making me. It has been a long time now that it’s spewing spores in my apartment 😦 Every few days I beg the manager to do something. He says he will, and nothing happens. I think it’s all a joke to him. Perhaps people without severe allergies have no clue?

I wake up every single morning with my throat full of gunk, my nostrils swollen shut, my ears stuck and my head pounding with congestion. Every single night when I get out of my chair to go to bed, my head feels like it’s expanding and contracting. My ears ring and I hear whaaao, whaaao, whaaao whooshing so loud that I cannot hear anything else. My eyesight blinks off and on like a microwave clock after the power has gone out. All day long, I alternate between window wide open and A/C on with window closed. The mold just continues to multiply and make me miserable 😦

Soooo….this morning I woke up feeling yucky like every other morning, but OMG, I was shaking like crazy! Another hypo. This time 62. My blood sugar seems to soar really high or really low, with not a whole lot of time in the middle. I am getting more and more anxious for the clinical pharmacist’s and endocrinologist’s appointments this coming week. I’m still shaking hours after waking up low.

I forgot to mention that some kind soul sent Olive some cat litter 🙂 Thank you 🙂 Thank goodness! There was only about an inch left in the litter box. I almost never dump out what’s in there, but add more. This time I tossed it all, washed out the litter box, put in the new and vacuumed the whole bathroom twice. I didn’t just jump up and do that all at once. It was a slow process. At each stage, I dropped things from weakness. Dang! It’s scary to be that weak, with my eyesight going in and out. No wonder I am still shaking.

Dark eyes

I just can’t get enough of studying up on genes and my ancestry 🙂 I am now running into conflicting opinions. This morning, one site said I was meant to have brown eyes…after the other 2 sites said blue. Is that because the brown eyed site already asked my eye color? How convenient.


Cool 🙂 I am more Neanderthal than most people 🙂 Ever read Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel? She also wrote a bunch of similar books. Ever since her books, I have thought a lot about the difference between clan memory and learned memory. Most animals are born knowing how to do stuff like raise kids, build a nest, fly south. We have to go to school and read books to learn the same stuff. But once we learn, we can do endless variations. Pretty much all Oriole nests can be identified as such. Human homes can be vastly different. It’s a distinct advantage to have primal knowledge mixed with the ability to innovate.

This has been a very tough day. I just never felt OK, let alone well. I ended up taking a 5 hour nap! 😮 I woke up very confused. I’m still confused. And weak. And shaky. And congested.