So….my haplotype is X2b. Not a whole lot of people are in that group. “Haplogroup X is one of rarest haplogroups in Europe, being found only in about 1% of the overall population.”


My best guess is that my haplotype Xb2 ancestors came from the Orkney Islands of Scotland….but who knows?


I spent the day blowing my nose and feeling awful. I wish I could make the manager experience my reality for 24 hours. All of it…not just the mold allergy. Grrrrrrrr……swollen lymph nodes make me feel wiped out.

I needed some family pics for my family tree, so dug out the limited photos I have. I gave most to Heather. That was an interesting trip down memory lane. I took pics of the pics. The above are some of my typical kid looks.

Some years I looked like a guy.

When with my mother, I usually looked like a tough female that might be a guy.

My hair changed color a lot, even though I never dyed it.


I got really fat when on steroids…and afterwards with congestive heart failure. Look at those CHF legs 😮

I got thinner on low carb


Sometimes I look like crap thanks to MG and steroids and sometimes I get IVIg and my face works.