It is an hour quicker to get to my dreaded internists office if I am willing to go part way on TRAX and part on the Jordan River Trail. Today has been the most fantastically beautiful day in forever 🙂 I decided to be brave and go on the trail. It was actually chilly this morning! A quick reprieve from 90’s and 100’s. 50’s when I woke up, 60’s on my way to the clinic, 70’s on my way home. I said a few prayers and went through the scary tunnel. The homeless guy had his bedding all rolled up and his gear stashed. No one was home.


I liked this tunnel better. Nowhere for people to hide and scare me.

I was very skeptical about seeing a clinical pharmacist. The one I saw last time was a dud. This time I had both the pharmacist and a med student to check me out. I started out by wondering how they could help me. We went over my crazy high and low blood sugars. I told them about Olive alerting me. I gave her both my paper records and my meter. I told her I thought it was stupid that I was on twice daily high doses of Lantus instead of less Lantus and some fast acting insulin. She agreed! 🙂


She electronically sent in a script for Humalog and smaller syringes. When I got home, I called the pharmacy and they included that with the order I was supposed to get Friday. They said the meds weren’t delivered Friday because they had not special ordered my Mestinon Timespan before calling me. Ummmm….duh!


I got real curious about how she could prescribe meds without a doc’s oversight. I looked up clinical pharmacists. Hmmmm…..it’s an up and coming thing. Interesting.


The mountains only have small pockets of snow left. It was 33 degrees up there last night!

I liked the view just before the Jordan River Trailhead Park…of the trail and bridge. I didn’t go over it. I probably could have gone slow and up over the lip, but I did not chance it.


When I headed back to TRAX via the Jordan River Trail, I got to the park where I was supposed to turn to get to the train platform. I thought…it’s a gorgeous day, I feel better than usual, I have no other obligations…so why not keep going? Oh….side story. Going into this park on the way to the doc’s, I was behind some sort of school group or summer camp. Maybe 6 to 8 year olds? For more than a block, they kept screaming at their teacher that I was going to strangle them. Some of the kids made very rude comments. I just kept smiling….even though they probably deserved their self-fulfilling prophesy. So young! Such assholes already! And the teacher didn’t do much to shut them up. Disturbing. Creepy.


The cottonwoods that dot the trail are huge! It was right around here that I saw 2 black swans in the river. I wish I had gotten a picture of them. I kinda thought maybe I was hallucinating 😛 I looked up pics of black swans. It’s definitely what I saw….but they aren’t native to this whole country, let alone Utah. Escaped from somewhere?

Then only a few yards more and there were pelicans…in the river! I guess I thought pelicans only lived near the ocean or brackish water.

And look what I found along the trail. It’s a mosque. I also found a better pic online…from the front.


I had no idea where the trail went. And each time I got to a fork in the road, I didn’t really know which way to go. I just keep guessing the route closest to TRAX. All along the trail on both sides, I could tell some sort of weed spray had been used. Then I got to this burn. I wondered if it had been a carelessly discarded cigarette?

Lots of geese and ducks along the river.


There must be beavers around! Somebody tried to munch through this tree.


I especially liked this branch of the trails. This is a bridge over a creek or canal. There were more trees and grasses compared to the openness along the Jordan River.


Just as I was getting a bit nervous, wondering where I was, I popped out at a TRAX station. On the way to the clinic this morning, the tenant who steals bikes was on the train with his wife. As if that wasn’t coincidence enough…they were on the platform of the station after this when I went by and kept going. I waved.


And the trail kept going even though I popped out on city streets. I could tell it was still a trail, because it was a sidewalk with a line painted down the middle 🙂 I still had no clue where I was, but just kept toodling along. Yes! I ended up at a lake. In Vermont it would be more of a puddle than a pond or lake…but hey, this is Utah.

Is that an anhinga? Same body shape, but it was not drying its wings. Aha! It’s a cormorant. I always get them mixed up. Looks like a neotropic cormorant.

I am still struggling to ID this wading bird. Found it! An American avocet.


One hollyhock, all by itself. Looks like it was munched on by deer.


I could see game trails through the lakeside vegetation and in the cattails.

There were more pelicans in the lake! I guess they are a thing in Utah. I didn’t know that.

At the end of the lake, closest to the interstate, there were some nice views 🙂


Hmmmm….a spot that sure looked like a controlled burn next to the lake. Maybe the one near the river was the same deal? I half listened to TV news about eradicating invasives. Maybe this was that program?

There were lots of geese in and around Lake Decker.

There were ducks and seagulls and all sorts of wading birds.


I went all the way around the lake on a packed gravel path. Sooooo glad I decided to explore!


I was almost full circle when I got to this bridge.

Where watering stops desert begins

While leaving the lake and going towards West Valley City, it struck me how people beat back the desert, but it’s only a thin façade. There’s grass along the sidewalk, but desert where the irrigation stops.

maybe 3 miles

I’m guessing it was about 4 miles from my doc’s office to the trail, around the lake and to TRAX, then wheeling it from TRAX to home. My chair’s battery was mostly used up. Not like when the chair was new and could go 15 miles on a charge. That inspired me to contact the wheelchair guy. They have my new chair, but had to special order the Roho seat that prevents pressure sores. They said it should be here any day now. How many times have I heard that???


Soon after this, I was at a TRAX stop near the Maverik Center. I considered taking the train into downtown West Valley City, but the first train to go by was back to SLC, so I hopped on it. A view from my wheelchair.


My MG was better, but I now have all sorts of lupus sores on my cheeks. Bad Wendy! Always any sun is too much sun. So…I cannot smile right…but my eyelid is just drooped, not closed 🙂 It wasn’t until I got home that I realized just how much better I had been away from the apartment. Almost instantly, my neck lymphs swelled up huge…and I have probably used another half of a box of kleenexes since being back. I could even taste when I first got home! My taste buds have been mostly missing throughout this whole mold extravaganza.

Ahhhhh….what adventures will tomorrow bring?