It’s amazing how much better I feel when I leave my apartment. I wish I was in a van and camping!!! Yes, as several people have pointed out, I have always had the best overall health while not living in buildings. It’s frustrating for me to be too poor to leave and too poor to stay.

I need to run medical devices…which is difficult on the road without solar or shore power. I’m not rich enough to afford campgrounds with electric or a van with solar power. So….I’m stuck in public housing, full of smoke and mold, with outside air that’s high in pollutants. We have air alerts more days that not in winter and summer. Bad idea to live in an inversion prone valley!


Here I am, my chronic illnesses worse than ever because I cannot get IVIg in this state. Every time I think much about my situation, I burst into tears. It sucks. The world changed so that I have fewer opportunities to help myself. I understand poverty very differently than I used to. Before, I always wondered why inner city folks just didn’t get on a bus and move somewhere else. Ha ha ha ha. It’s not that easy. Waiting lists for affordable apartments is years long. Homeless people in big cities are treated worse than cattle. At least cows are valuable assets to be protected. Homeless people are herded to and fro to keep them docile and out of sight.

I don’t have the strength and stamina to be outside of this apartment for very long. I need lots of rest or my MG and MCTD flare up pretty bad. Even on steroids. I am forced to stay inside where the mold is making me worse. Today I wrote yet another maintenance request.


I put this in the dropbox and took a 4 hour nap. I shut the windows and upped the A/C because the temperature was around 90 outside. My head honest and truly felt like it was going to explode. Woke up even worse. I think there’s too much fluid in my head? In the past, spinal taps took off the pressure. Just rolling over in bed causes extreme head pain.

I’m still tired.