Luckily I almost always plan on up to a half hour cushion in travel plans. I was on the Library TRAX platform and repeatedly pushed the ramp button to get on the train. Nothing happened and the train took off. I was pissed! The next train would come along in 15 minutes. Sigh…..


The building in the pic seems partially built and abandoned

This morning I had an appointment at a hospital I have never been to before. The good part was that I could get right on TRAX and go almost to the hospital. I only had to wheel it about half a mile from the station. But, dang! What a weird place for a train station! From the platform it looked like I was left out in the middle of nowhere. I had to ask a pedestrian which direction I should aim for to find the hospital.


The sidewalks were all overgrown. Most of them were missing curb cuts, so I had to drive in the road. I kept wondering if the building at the top of the hill was really a hospital and if I was really going in the right direction.

There has been lots of criticism about UTA, the transportation entity. They are a hybrid of public/private and do lots of questionably legal things. I have heard plenty of snarky comments about how they planned their routes. I’d say this place is a prime example of “what were they thinking?”. I just looked it up. Yup! Boondoggles. Here’s what I found. The Jordan Valley parking structures were built in 2011 for approximately $15.6 million as part of the Mid-Jordan TRAX project. I must have heard criticisms about this on the news, but I had no idea what or where they were talking about. So this is the partially built, abandoned looking building out in the middle of nowhere….a parking garage….with no housing….surrounded by empty lots. Great use of resources!

By the time I got to the hospital, I was a bit rattled. I made my way up to the endocrinologist’s office and was shocked to discover that she shared the space with my formerly good neuro. He has 3 offices. That made me melancholy!

I had to answer lots of questions since I was new to this doc….even though I was in their computer system. Then the doc came in. Talking to her was like going through a tornado. She was rapid fire with the questions and diagnoses and prescriptions. The hour went by in a flash. For now I am supposed to follow her protocol for using baseline Lantus and sliding scale Humalog. She wants to prescribe Invokana, but I told her I want to read about the benefits versus side effects first.

She says I need a low blood sugar alarm. Then, she wants me to get a Medtronic insulin pump. Geeze…I didn’t even know people like me got those. I can remember when it was a big deal for type 1 diabetics to qualify for one. I guess I am old and way behind the times.

I had another a1c. On June 6th, I was 8.4 today I was 7.9. It only got better because of my hypos…I think. I also had many tubes of blood drawn. She’s checking on my pancreas to try to figure out why I have been having pain and swelling there. And I don’t know what all the other tests were for.

There was more, but I am feeling shell shocked. Seemed like she dropped one bombshell after another on me. I hope there will be a summary posted to their online records. I probably forgot more than I remember.

Then we got to the part about how come I don’t have a neuro. I told her that my good neuro caved in to pressure from the big hospital and told me I was too complicated for him and needed to go back there. I’d rather die. The endocrinologist went to talk to a woman neuro and she agreed to see me in September. When I got home, I looked up this neuro’s bio. She graduated from the big hospital and did her residency there 😦 I have little hope she will go against the 2 idiot neuros where she studied.

no entrance

When I left the hospital, I was on a sidewalk that I thought would take me to the TRAX station. About half way to the station, the sidewalks ended. I got to the station and there was no access from the road. I had to turn around and follow the tracks on the other side. Signage would have been nice! And as a bonus to make up for this morning…I had not yet made it to the platform when TRAX went by. The driver waited for me to get to the train!



So…I got home and there was an ambulance out front. I stopped to talk to a couple of my best guy friends and a man I did not recognize was wheeled out on a stretcher. Nobody seemed to know who he was.

It was food bank box day! I went in and got my box of food. Gave away about half of it, but snagged 5 boxes of milk 🙂 What a relief to be home! I felt like crap the whole time I was gone, despite my allergies getting better after about 3 hours. I stripped off my clothes ASAP and put on a nice cool, flimsy nightgown. Pretty soon a knock on my door. Rats!

It was the maintenance man. He had a bucket and said he was here to deal with the mold. I told him what torture the last month has been. He said this was the first time the manager had ever given him a work order!!!!!!! This keeps happening over and over. I fill out the forms and nothing happens…then the maintenance man says nothing happened because nobody told him to fix things. More often than not, I only get help when I corner him. This place is a farce.

I went in my room, closed the door and put on CPAP and oxygen because just like always, my gums got all numb and tingly from the 2 kinds of chemicals he used. Made my gums dizzy. That has been a lifelong sensation whenever I am exposed to certain cleaning chemicals, pesticides, etc…

The maintenance guy said he would check back tomorrow to see how I’m doing. He says the corporate maintenance guy has an industrial strength mold killer if this isn’t enough. Finally! Results!

I have a raging headache from heat and sun and chemicals. Here’s hoping for an early night! 🙂