Now that I’m awake, I keep wondering if the maintenance man came back like he said he would, or if the pharmacy came to deliver the endo’s scripts or if the wheelchair people or insulin pump people tried to call. With my phone off, will it still do voicemail? If so, nobody contacted me for anything. And….I am still tired, weak and allergic to my apartment. Sigh…..


I did a heck of a lot this week, compared to my usual. Thank you steroids ๐Ÿ™‚ But it leaves me feeling exhausted at the cellular level. I might rest, but I just don’t feel refreshed and renewed….and I want to do stuff tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚ I get my food stamps on Friday. That’s my once a month holiday. I think I spend half of it on condiments…seriously. I buy several kinds of salsa each month…like chile pepper, tomatillo, fruity, etc.


Hmmmm….how to spend my $98? Salsas, honey mustard, Carolina bbq sauce, Sriracha bbq sauce, frozen pepper strips, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, pickles, cheese, fish, berries, avocados, grapes, chicken burgers, bacon, green chiles, jalapenos, cream cheese, some sort of sausage, cherry juice, assorted fruits and that’s all spent. It goes so quick!


I thought I had a huge supply of peanut butter on hand. I have been eating way too many pb&j sandwiches for the last couple of months because they are quick and easy and the pb was free. For a while there, we got a jar of peanut butter every month in the food bank boxes. We are back to slim pickings in those boxes. I’m actually eating up the backlog. Only one jar of pb left. This time I got canned fruit, canned corn, 2 small cans salmon, jug of orange juice, bread, eggs and the boxed milk that I got from the free table. I gave back a bag of dried beans, a box of spaghetti, 2ย cans green beans and a can of Vienna sausages. Yuck. I almost never eat pasta. If I’m going to chow down on carbs, that’s very low on my list of enjoyable foods.


And speaking of carbs. I am realizing I eat a lot more of them than I thought. When I ate low carb, I only had to know the carb counts for the permitted fruits and vegetables. Now I have to learn carb counting for all the carbs I eat these days. I’m supposed to be shooting up 2 units of Humalog for every 15 grams of carbs. A banana is around 30 carbs. A cup of sliced strawberries is only 13 carbs. A cup of blueberries is 18 carbs. Important info for my Hawaiian ice machine ๐Ÿ™‚ Let them eat ice!


Ahhhhhhh….I love driving my power chair into the cooler at Costco….and then just sitting there ๐Ÿ™‚


This cracks me up. Whenever nurses ask what meds I’m on and I say Mestinon, I often hear them say WHAT??? Mastodon?? You take mastodon?


Here are my morning meds. I take these, measure my blood sugar, go to the kitchen to shoot up 2 kinds of insulin, I mix Miralax into a small amount of juice and down it with a probiotic. Fun morning stuff ๐Ÿ˜›