We have had day after day after day of blue sky, few clouds and glaring sun. It was nice to have some clouds 🙂 Here is how it unfolded this morning. The last pic was taken outside.







little clouds

from outdoors

Last year it took me “forever” to figure out it wasn’t rain or birds doing things on me. I was just as slow this year. It’s bizarre! All of the sudden sweat comes out of my pores in a fine, high powered mist. Depending on the moment, it’s either like going through a mister, or having actual rain drops hit me. When the sun is shining on my skin, the sweat feels cold.

Today was the third time I was in either a store’s cooler or going down a refrigerated aisle and sweat was popping out of my skin and instantly forming rivulets down my head and neck. Very weird. I just feel super hot no matter how cooled down I get.

At home, even with the A/C going full blast and the big box fan pointed at me, I randomly break out in that sort of sweat. To me, it doesn’t feel like a hot flash. It’s soooo not a flash….it lasts a looooong time. What the heck is that about?

This morning at 8:05 I got a call from Lily pharmaceutical company. My pharmacy had given them my #. Something about the time and the woman’s voice made me want to do bad things to her. I would have preferred an email any day. Now I can’t even remember what she said.

I was stuffed up and miserable from the mold, so was glad to have the excuse to go grocery shopping. I went to Smith’s and Trader Joe’s by chair, spent money, and came home by chair. The poor wheelchair! It squeaks and groans, the tires spin, it bounces and the battery is good for shorter and shorter trips. There was no word from the wheelchair people, of course.

In the afternoon I got a call from the Medtronic teaching nurse. She was nice and did not creep me out like the pharmaceutical woman. She was tentative when she asked how often I take my blood sugar. I told her my doc is always grousing at me that I test too much. She liked that answer. I need to test 4 times a day with the insulin pump. She thought it was going to be easy to get approval from my insurance company. Where have I heard that before?



I saw my neuro-opthalmologist on May 2nd. He prescribed Restasis again. Every couple of weeks I would call the pharmacy to ask what the holdup was. They kept saying my insurance had not approved it yet, but they would send in another request. Then this week, the pharmacist said it was denied. I contacted the  neuro-opthalmologist and within 24 hours, the Restasis was delivered. He did not know it had not been authorized. He said the nurse dealt with that. Everybody blames somebody, it’s never anyone’s fault. Sigh…..


The pharmacist told me the Restasis was around $700. That makes each individual vial around $12 each. I need 2 a day. The price of pharmaceuticals is nuts!

By this time of night…every night…my head is about ready to explode.