I really, really do not understand my blood sugar…at all! It seems to go both high and low with no relation to what I ate or how much or what kind of insulin I shoot up. I sure hope the blood tests yield some clues! I hate being hypo like this morning 😦 I wake up all weak and shaky and confused. Even after drinking some chocolate milk to bring up my blood sugar, I shake and am weak for hours.

I was good today 🙂 I made some food for a few days. Did more beef stew. This time 2.5 lbs of potatoes, 1 lb fresh carrots, .5 lb mushrooms, 1 lb beef stew meat, a can of diced tomatoes, can of cream of mushroom soup and spices in the electric pressure cooker.

Then I did my usual sort of breakfast mix in a cast iron pan. 1 lb sausage, 2 onions, 2 green peppers, 3 tomatoes, 2 zucchinis all sautéed together. Then for each breakfast I scramble a couple of eggs, add a few scoops of this mix, sprinkle with mesquite maple seasoning and put cheddar cheese on top.

That took every ounce of strength I had. After eating a bowl of stew, I napped for almost 4 hours. Ironically I hate eating. I was doubled over in pain after the stew. That’s why I got flat, put on the CPAP mask and breathed oxygen…then promptly fell asleep. I slept 10 hours last night on top of that. Sooooooooo sleepy…

Even though I count carbs, shoot up 30 ml of Lantus and use my sliding scale for Humalog, my blood sugar goes high. It was 230 after my nap. Sigh….

The endocrinologist says I am going to need a smartphone. I told her I had a computer. Nope, I need a smartphone. I have been studying up why. I guess the answer is the continuous glucose monitor. The info from that is supposed to go into the cloud so any one of my docs can look at it any time. Make that a dozen sighs….

That means I have to buy a phone and get a plan. I guess I would go back to StraightTalk. They now have 10 GB of data for $55. That’s cheaper than my internet. Time to dump Xfinity and switch to a mobile phone again. Who knows how many months until Google Fiber gets online? Then I get a free first year from Google and can use my chromebook again. So….time to shop for a smartphone with my vast income. Uh, huh.


Actually, the technology is pretty interesting. The CGM tells the smartphone what’s going on. Read this! It’s incredible! Then four times a day I have to manually test my blood sugar to make sure the monitor and my insulin pump are not malfunctioning. There are all sorts of scary scenarios. Sometimes the pump accidentally sends a huge bolus of insulin and a person goes hypo. Sometimes the pump automatically suspends itself and gives no insulin, making blood sugar go high. It all blows my mind! so much to do and to worry about 😮


The manual blood sugars can be added manually to the cloud, or there’s a doohickey to plug into the phone that uploads the info. This all feels very space age!


Ohhhhh….crap! Looks like the best only smartphone to have for this is an iPhone. I’m still freaked out about having my last one stolen. I think about that every single time I go into Deseret Industries 😦 Disabled people need to be a lot richer! So, besides an iPhone, it costs $99 for the app! I wonder if I can talk the company into giving me the app for free? I think they should throw in the iPhone, too 🙂

As soon as insurance approves my pump, I will be meeting with the Medtronics nurse who will hopefully be patient with me and teach me all I need to know. Maybe she knows ways to get what I need free or cheap? I’m going to try not to worry about this until I learn more. Sigh….

My calendar says no appointments this week. That usually means I end up with lots of them. I do know I need to go to the pharmacy a block over for some med refills. Oh, I need to go to the cancer hospital for the port flush I keep forgetting! See…filling up fast. I hope my new chair is ready this week! 🙂

I cannot emphasize it enough. I have been forgetting, well….everything. I stumble around the apartment, clueless about what I am after. If I start to do something online and I get distracted….poof! It’s gone from my brain. And I keep trying to research more about my family tree and my DNA. I’m lucky if I can do that for a whole 5 or 10 minutes straight. Sigh…..