I woke up way too early. I couldn’t breathe. At least my blood sugar was a nice, calm 100 🙂 The temperature was 85 that early in the morning, but there was a stiff breeze. After a while, I couldn’t breathe well even sitting up. I decided to take out garbage and recycling for fun and excitement. Wow! The air felt perfect! I brought back my recycling bucket, grabbed my camera and ID and headed for Liberty Park.


The honkers were resting on the edge of the pond.


It must have been designated swim time for ducks. Ducklings in all directions! Lots and lots of baby ducks. One mom had 8 of them.


You can tell from the pics, it was still pretty early in the morning. The sun had not come up all the way.


Who knew there was so much going on in the park at 6 AM? People were picking up litter, big strong guys were pulling dozens of garbage cans to the road, a man was fixing something in the kiddy canyon water play area, gardeners were out, and lots of joggers, walkers and their accompanying pets.


It was tricky to plan a quick transit past the sprinklers at just the right time in their oscillation cycles.


Some stretches of sidewalk were trickier than others.


I liked the way the lower bench foothills were glowing in the sun that had not hit the park yet.


I get up to the woman and was curious what she was doing. Putting on make up!


This apartment building is diagonal to the park. This is one place I applied to live.

The whole time I was gone, I was supremely queasy…and burped the whole way. I don’t mention it as much any more, but the pain in my left belly/side has not let up for more than a month. It was really annoying this morning. By the time I got home, my blood sugar was 103 and I felt like I had better eat breakfast before I felt worse.

Dang! Food seems great going in, but then the bent-in-half sharp pains start. 5 hours after shooting up plenty of Lantus and Humalog, my blood sugar is 183. I feel all shaky and yucky. I do not understand my body at all.

I sent an email to the wheelchair company. They said they got my special ordered seat cushion Friday and can bring my wheelchair Tuesday.

Then I got an email from the clinical pharmacist’s office wanting my #’s for the last week. They got a twist in their panties when they found out I saw an endocrinologist. They want me to dump them and go with the endo. OK by me.

Got a call from Medtronics. They say I should have the pump in 2 to 3 weeks. The guy said my insurance would not pay for the continuous glucose monitor. He said I would be getting a Revel pump. Not sure which model yet.

So….things are theoretically happening.

I have felt like crap all day. Partly from the mold, part from the gut problems. My lymphs and hernia are swollen tight. I feel like barfing. After this morning, I never left my apartment again. My energy was used up by going to the park.

I have big questions about the algae bloom going on all over Utah. I wonder if it could somehow be affecting me? If there’s something to cause sensitivities, it’s usually me it happens to. People say they have never seen anything like it in their lifetime in Utah. It can kill pets and livestock…and presumably people.

I don’t even need a reason. I just feel awful.