I called the cancer hospital and got an appointment for a port flush. They said be there in an hour. I left right away. Just as I got to the library, TRAX went past. I figured I had plenty of time and sat in the shade of the library and messed with the wheelchair controls. I figured the best way to get on the train would be with the seat upright and the feet all the way down. I should have realized something was up when the chair scraped going up to the platform. I sat next to one of the handicap symbols because when the train stops, it’s roughly supposed to line up with a train door that has a ramp button.


The train was late. They kept changing the sign. When it pulls up, it’s so a column is right where I need to get on the train. I was able to push the button by going at a diagonal. I repositioned and got half way up the ramp. Those stupid prongs that stick down dug firmly into the ramp. The door closed and the ramp was trying to retract. I could not move forward or backward. Can you say scared shitless????

I panicked. I angled the chair at a diagonal and was able to move just enough to get away from the side of the car as it zoomed off. Then I sat there and cried. That shook me up big time. I had 10 minutes to cry before the next train came, since that one had been late. Usually they are 15 minutes apart.

prong almost touching ground

With the footrests in the down position, the stupid prongs are only about an inch from the ground!

I readjusted the wheelchair so the footrests were up and the back tipped back. I checked, and that made the prongs further from the ground. It was scary going up the ramp, but I had more room next time. Ironically, when we got to the end of the line at the U, my door stopped right smack dab in front of a column. Since the train would not move for maybe 10 minutes, I took my time and went painfully slow so I could get around the column while only falling off the ramp a little.

It’s a long way from the TRAX stop to Huntsman cancer center. The very last door I have to go through to get to the hospital elevators has no handicap access opener. It’s really hard for me to open and get through. It’s a darn heavy door. So I get to the BMT/Multiple Myeloma clinic and no matter how slow and careful I was, I could not get through the door. The prong things would hit the door stop framing in the door. I ripped one side half off and apologized profusely. After a few minutes I got through, only to find out they had moved the registration area. The infusion scheduler took pity on me and registered me. Then I had to go out and wait in the hallway.

Some absolute idiot has re-arranged the furniture in the hallway. The way the new registration area is set up, my wheelchair could not get in there, either. I asked the woman closest to the main thoroughfare if she knew who to talk to about there being no handicap access button. She gave me a name and number to call.

Got off the train and went to Tj’s and Smith’s. Cottage cheese was on sale for $1 each and I splurged on a 19 cent banana. It was at that point that I remembered I wanted a haircut. Duh! Good thing I had the food in an insulated bag.


This is from Google Earth. I follow the thin diagonal striped ramp from parking lot to sidewalk. As you can see, if someone backs up onto the sidewalk in the handicap space, that leaves little room on the sidewalk between cars and building.

If you thought the TRAX incident was scary….you ain’t heard nuthin’ yet! It’s a short hop across the Smith’s parking lot to Cafe Rio. I go up their curb cut, around the outside of their restaurant and to Great Clips. It’s almost always a PITA because tables and chairs block the sidewalk. Well, some idiot had a pick-up truck backed into the handicap spot so far that I could not go up the curb cut and pass between the truck’s hitch and the café. I asked a guy going in to find the owners. I doubt he even tried. So I just sat there, until 4 Utah highway patrolmen came out of the restaurant. They decided it was easier to dismantle the truck than find the owner. The biggest cop knocked on the hitch, pulled the pin and took it right off the truck 🙂 Even then, I just barely squeaked by.

A few feet further was a lone table and chairs in a place I have never seen one before. I could not get past. I came up near the chair, held on and backed up. And promptly fell part way off a very tall curb. I have no idea how come the chair did not flip. Just then, a young couple came along, picked up me and the chair, and put me back on the sidewalk. Then I squeaked by several people at tables who had to move out of my way. I had no strength left and was shaking like crazy. I struggled with the door. A nice customer jumped up and let me in. Whew! What a community effort to get a haircut!

Turns out that guy and I were done with our haircuts at the same time. He opened the door again and ran interference for me. He pushed in all the empty chairs, turned the corner and moved the offending chair at the rogue table. By then, the pick up was gone.

Then I wheeled it home. I had left both windows wide open to air out the place and bake out the mold. It was 101 degrees! I closed the windows, turned up the A/C and it’s still 99 degrees at 8 PM.

After that, I’m afraid to go anywhere for a while! There are a lot more loves and hates about my power chair. Maybe another time. I am wiped out!


Oh…on a sad note about going home. Today it was announced in the MG groups that 2 women have died. One of them was young, with kids still at home. We often had a lot of the same stuff wrong. In these situations, I always wonder why I am still alive and they aren’t. So sad 😦