I think it was around 1:30 AM. I hadn’t been asleep long and I was in very deep, exhausted sleep. I woke up confused. It took me an awfully long time to realize I was hearing the oxygen concentrator alarm and not breathing forced air through my mask. I could not understand why my eyes weren’t working. It looked like the air was full of smoke that was swirling around. My heart was about beating out of my chest. Bit by bit, my hearing, sight and brain came into focus. I thought the alarm I heard was the building’s fire alarm and I thought the building was on fire!

I reached for my headlamp and it would not turn on. I fumbled around and accidentally popped the battery cover off, spilling the 3 batteries. It was during the intense panic that I realized the power was off and it was not a building alarm. I think the stress of the day had contributed to the more than usual panic and confusion in the night. After 5 minutes or less, the power came back on.

I still felt shaken up when I woke up this morning. Well, at least my blood sugar was a very good 99 πŸ™‚ I spent a few hours with both windows open, but all too soon temps were back in the 90’s. I closed the windows and put on the A/C when the mold got too warm and too intense. I had been feeling miserable and blowing my nose. As I was getting up for the A/C controls, there was a woman bent over outside my window. She was taking pictures. When she stood up, I recognized her as the second in charge of the non-profit housing that owns this building.

I do not understand why only a few apartments have dead areas under their A/C units, but it has been true of this place ever since I moved in. I heard there was a big blow-up between the RA and the guy who put the new wheel on my wheelchair. He often stops at night when my window is open and chats. Lots of people talk to me and Olive like that. The RA thought it was improper. Now I’m wondering if the picture taking is to chastise the landscapers, to yell at people coming to my window or to better understand why mold is growing in the A/C cabinet? No one has done anything about the mold in here 😦

Soon after that, the power abruptly went off…again. Wow….so quiet without the A/C or all my fans! It briefly blinked on, went off and after a minute, came back on again. I wonder if the power outages are from such high usage rates in this awful heat, or if it’s from something else? Thank goodness for A/C!!!


I was busy non-stop all day…..but what the heck did I do? I took a 3 hour nap πŸ™‚ Mostly I answered emails and responded to things in support groups. Everyone is sad and stunned about Jen’s death. So young, so pretty. Sigh….

I went out to get my mail, talked to a few people, did one lap around the parking lot and that was enough to wear me out. Another scorcher of a day. Our weather station never matches the official temps.


Late in the afternoon, the power went out for the third time. I ate the prisoner-grown blackberries. I skipped supper and really should eat something. Having a love/hate relationship with food.

My shocker of the day was learning that Rhett is alive and well and in an assisted living facility. For three years now I have wondered whatever happened to him. His absence felt a lot like a death. He was whisked away and there was never any discussion. Here one day, gone the next. No closure whatsoever. This feels like a resurrection…but a confusing one. I am still married to him. I don’t even know him. At least I recognized him when I saw his picture πŸ™‚ Lots to process. I am not interested in reunification. God moves in mysterious ways. Very mysterious……